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Goin’ Home

Chor Leoni’s earlier exploration of Canadian folk songs (Canadian Safari) has been so popular that we were inspired to record another disc of folk songs, this time from around the world. We all know Canada as a land composed of citizens from every corner of the world. It is one of the things that make this wonderful land diverse, exciting, and unique. Try as we might we could not crowd onto one CD songs from all the places whose people compose our paradise of the north – but we tried!

Whether you come from Finland, America, Africa, China, or one of the many other countries whose favourite folk songs we have collected (including our beloved Canada), we hope they bring you that bittersweet tightness in the throat and tear in the eye which only comes when you are “goin’ home.”


Track List

  1. Bear Festival - Three Ainu Folk Songs Osamu Shimizu
  2. Pirika, Pirika - Three Ainu Folk Songs Osamu Shimizu
  3. Whale Festival - Three Ainu Folk Songs Osamu Shimizu
  4. Fengyang Ge Anhui folk song, arr. Chen Yi
  5. Minoi, Minoi Samoan folk song, arr. Christopher Marshall
  6. Dálvi duoddar luohti Lapp, music: Seppo Paakkunainen
  7. Wimoweh Zulu chant, arr. Ron Smail
  8. Jing-ga-lye-ah Bruce Sled
  9. Gaudeamus igitur German traditional, arr. Marshall Bartholomew
  10. Drink to me only with thine eyes English traditional
  11. Dúlamán Irish, music: Michael McGlynn
  12. Kolm mul oli kaunist söna Estonian, music Veljo Tormis
  13. Suo Gân Welsh folk song, arr. Lawrence Wiliford
  14. Bright Morning Star Appalachian folk song, arr. Fred Squatrito
  15. Shenandoah American folk song, arr. James Erb
  16. Goin' Home Antonín Dvořák, arr. Diane Loomer
  17. Loch Lomond Scottish folk song, arr. Jonathan Quick
  18. Christmas Angel bonus track - Corlynn Hanney


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  1. Best recording yet. I keep practicing my voice, but can’t really match those bass voices yet. Love the one about the Christmas angel, if i had the voice of an angel; My second favorite record is Yuletide Fires. Too bad my local record store won’t get it for me. Great work, guys.

    —Michel Dugas |
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