We are committed and dedicated to inspiring people to sing.  Chor Leoni offers several ways to participate. 

Auditions: If you identify as a TTBB singer and have choral experience then you may want to consider joining Chor Leoni. Auditions happen at the start of the season in fall and in January.

Emerging Choral Artist Program (ECAP): Ambitious and driven young singers are invited to participate in a highly selective, project-based mentorship opportunity. This auditioned group for singers aged 16-30 will work directly with Artistic Director Erick Lichte, work side by side with the professional singers of The Leonids, and sing with Chor Leoni at concerts tied to the Big Roar Choral Summit.

MYVoice: Offering a transformative singing experience for singers aged 12 and up, MYVoice is Chor Leoni’s free, 10-week choral program which culminates at the Big Roar concert. No previous musical experience is necessary and is open to any singer wishing to sing in a TTBB ensemble. Rehearsals are led by expert musical educators and are held outside of school hours in four Lower Mainland locations.

PRÉLUDE: PRÉLUDE is a new program for all singers in grades 5, 6, and 7 who wish to sing as part of Chor Leoni’s Big Roar Singing Festival.

VolunteerVolunteers are the backbone of all our concert productions, and we can always use an extra smiling face. When you help you join the Chor Leoni family, make a valuable impact, and support music-making in our community.