Canadian Safari


A collection of folksongs that firmly says “Canada”, Canadian Safari is one of our most popular recordings.

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In the summer of 1997 the lions of Chor Leoni had the opportunity to go on “safari” to Pacific and Atlantic Canada, so we decided to collect a group of these Canadian songs and sing them for (and often with) our wonderful hosts in Vancouver, Salt Spring Island, Victoria, St. John’s, Baddeck, Cheticamp, Truro, Charlottetown, Indian River, and Halifax. Our love affair with Canadian folk music proved so fruitful that we decided to record a CD for you in the spirit of strengthening the musical bonds that tie us together and so firmly say “Canada.”

Track List

  1. Fogarty’s Cove –  Stan Rogers, arr. Ron Smail
  2. The Water is Wide – Anonymous, arr. Miles Ramsay
  3. Vive L’Amour  – Anonymous, arr. Alice Parker and Robert Shaw
  4. Away from the Roll of the Sea –  Allister MacGillivray, arr. Diane Loomer
  5. Ave Maris Stella –  Latin Canticle, arr. Diane Loomer
  6. Chì mi na mòr bheanna – Anonymous, arr. Stephen Smith
  7. Song for the Mira –  Allister MacGillivray, arr. Stuart Calvert
  8. She’s Like the Swallow –  Newfoundland folk song, arr. Stephen Chatman
  9. Red River Valley –  Anonymous, arr. Miles Ramsay
  10. The Carrion Crow –  Nova Scotia folk song, arr. Stephen Smith
  11. Potlatch Fair – British Columbia folk song, arr. Stephen Chatman
  12. Northwest Passage –  Stan Rogers, arr. Ron Smail
  13. Four Strong Winds –  Ian Tyson, arr. Larry Nickel
  14. Dondaine la Ridaine – Quebec folk song
  15. Wood River –  Connie Kaldor, arr. Willi Zwozdesky
  16. Oh Mary, Come Home –  Henry C. Work, arr. Stephen Chatman
  17. Grand Hotel  – British Columbia folk song, arr. Stephen Chatman
  18. Drunken Sailor – Sea shanty, arr. Robert Sund
  19. Barrett’s Privateers –  Stan Rogers, arr. Ron Smail
  20. Make and Break Harbour –  Stan Rogers, arr. Ron Smail
Catalogue number

Cypress Choral Recording, released 1998

Produced by

George Laverock

Recording Engineer

Stuart Tarbuck


Vancouver, BC, Canada