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Vancouver’s Chor Leoni Men’s Choir is dedicated to inspiring audiences, training artists, educating youth, and advancing the male choral art form. Led by Artistic Director, Erick Lichte, the choir has grown to be one of the most active male choirs in North America through its series of concerts, educational programs for youth, commissioning projects, and CD recordings. Singing to more than 15,000 per year, Chor Leoni constantly pushes boundaries through the belief that music can engage and enrich our lives and our communities.

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It’s impossible for my wife and me not to feel privileged every time we attend a Chor Leoni concert. Not only do these men love to sing together, it’s immensely obvious that each member dedicates a great deal of time to honing his skills to attain the finest collective results. Oh lucky us!

Charles Budd

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