Ticket Packs

What are ticket packs and how do they work? 

Ticket packs are available for two, three, for, five, six, or seven concerts, and they’re a great opportunity to get everything you want from Chor Leoni with added benefits. Packs are sold before single tickets, so pack buyers are the first to select the best seats in the house. Packs of three or more events also come with escalating discounts!

If I buy a pack, do I need to buy the same number of tickets for each concert?

No. Packs are incredibly flexible, allowing you to buy as many tickets as you want for each concert of the pack. For example, if you buy a two-concert pack – Remembrance Day and Christmas – you can get two tickets for Remembrance Day and six tickets for Christmas. This added flexibility gives you more freedom to plan ahead.


When do single tickets go on sale?

Single tickets go on sale September 28th.

How do I buy tickets to see Chor Leoni? 

You can purchase tickets online through your Chor Leoni account at my.chorleoni.org or by clicking any “buy ticket” link on this website. 

What is my Chor Leoni account? 

As a supporter, you have your own account where you can purchase, view, and print your tickets, make donations, and see more information about upcoming concerts, all in one place!

How do I set up my Chor Leoni account?

Click here for detailed instructions for creating an account.

How do I reset my Chor Leoni account password?

Click here for detailed instructions for resetting your password and creating an account.

Can I purchase tickets from other websites?

Sorry, the only place you can buy tickets to see Chor Leoni is through your Chor Leoni account at my.chorleoni.org or by phone from our Box Office Call Line at (604) 263-7061. We cannot guarantee the validity of any tickets that have been purchased through third-party vendors, and they are not eligible for exchanges or returns.

Can I order tickets by phone?

Absolutely, yes! Our Box Office is open from 10am to 4pm from Monday to Thursday. Please call (604) 263-7061 during office hours.  If we are busy serving another patron, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I select the tickets I want? 

When you are logged into your Chor Leoni account, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Select the event that you wish to attend by the date and time of the performance, for example the November 11 performance of Boundless at 5pm
  • In the event Seat Map select your preferred seats by clicking on them; they will be added to your list of Selected Seats. Make sure you have the seats you want and select “Add to Cart”
  • In the Cart you can double check you have all the seats you want. If not, you can “continue shopping” and repeat the above process until you do. If you are happy with the seats in your list, go to the Checkout and complete your order.

I’m 35, do you have any discounts for me? 

U35 ticket pricing is available on both single tickets and ticket packs for those 35 and under! We encourage those 35 and under to participate in Arts and Culture in our beautiful city, and we hope you make Chor Leoni a part of your musical calendar. U35 pricing is available on $75, $70, $65, $60, $55, $35, and $30 level seats and on ticket packs.

How do I get my U35 discount?

Follow the same steps that are outlined above for seat selection. In the Selected Seats List, select the dropdown menu under a ticket and choose the U35 ticket type from the menu.

Do you have accessible seating?

Yes, wheelchair accessible seating options are identified on the seat maps at St. Andrew’s-Wesley United. Patrons using mobility devices, or those who may struggle with the stairs at the Main Entrance, are encouraged to enter through the Accessible Entry on Nelson Street. Please advise us of your needs when you book your tickets by calling (604) 263-7061.

How do I get my tickets?

Once you have completed and paid for your order, your tickets will be sent to you by email.

Why did I receive two emails? 

You will receive two emails from info@chorleoni.org. The first email will be your receipt. It is a transaction receipt only and does not contain the tickets. 

The second email will say “Here are your Chor Leoni event tickets” and will include your tickets and instructions on how to use them. 

If you don’t see the emails in your inbox, please check your junk mail folder for emails from info@chorleoni.org.

Where should I keep my tickets?

You can access your tickets at any time by logging in to your my Chor Leoni account and by selecting either “My Orders” or “My Tickets.”

How do I use my electronic tickets?

You can keep your tickets on your smartphone, tablet or other device and present them for scanning at the venue. You can also choose to print your tickets and present the printed tickets at the venue.

Can I get my tickets by regular mail?

Under extraordinary circumstances we can accommodate requests to receive tickets by regular mail. As part of our ongoing efforts to follow environmental sustainability practices, we encourage all patrons to use mobile ticketing options.

​​What if I lose the email with my tickets?

Don’t worry, your ticket purchase is in the system! You should always be able to find your tickets in your Chor Leoni account. Failing that, Box Office staff will be able to resend your tickets by email.

Can I pay with a debit card?

Our box office software accepts major credit cards. You may use a debit card only in person at the venue.

Can I get a refund for unused tickets?

Sorry, tickets are non-refundable.

How do I get a student ticket?

$10 rush tickets are available for all full-time students for all performances. Please bring a valid student ID to the performance. Check at the front door prior to the performance for availability.


Do you implement any additional safety regulations due to COVID-19? 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Chor Leoni has strictly adhered to current Provincial Health Officer regulations to ensure the health and safety of our participants, singers, staff, and audience members. We continue to monitor PHO health regulations should anything change to the current policies. Please check these policies and procedures for the most up-to-date information on our concerts and activities.

What time should I arrive for the concert?

All of our concerts have reserved seating except for the Canadian Choral Composition Competition. We recommend arriving at least 20 minutes before your performance to ensure you get settled in time.

How long are Chor Leoni concerts?

Our shows are 75 minutes, without intermission.

What happens if I arrive late?

Our Front of House Manager will seat you at an appropriate break in the show.

Will there be digital broadcasts this season?

Yes, we will be offering a season of digital concert films interspersed with our live performances. Information and the opportunity to RSVP to receive the viewing link will be available one month prior to the streaming date.

How old should children be to attend a Chor Leoni concert?

It isn’t recommended for children under six years of age to attend Chor Leoni concerts. They typically find it difficult to sit still for the duration of the performance and may disturb other concertgoers.

What should I do about my phone or camera during a concert?

First, please silence your devices before entering the venue. Feel free to take photos before and after the show (St. Andrew’s-Wesley is stunning!). During the performance, please do not take photos or videos unless Erick gives you permission to do so during a specific song in the show.

I took a great photo, how do I share it?

We’d love to see it! Please tag @chorleoni in your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts.