Music Brings Us Together.

The singers of Chor Leoni are brought together by a common vulnerability and sensitivity to the music. Through the collective choral experience these musicians, audiences, and communities become more interconnected. For Chor Leoni music is more than just entertainment; it brings people together and provides healing. Now, more than ever, we need people to sing in harmony together.

Goosebumps raised by the first glorious note at Christmas; collective tears shared in the act of remembrance; an uplifting crescendo of understanding felt by an audience that finds peace and comfort. These are a few of the transformative experiences of Chor Leoni concerts, but the impact is also felt beyond the concert setting: young men that will never be the same because of Chor Leoni’s MYVoice educational program for youth; 70 volunteer singers who give all they have to Chor Leoni because of their love for music; near and distant fans given a moment to pause while listening to a Chor Leoni CD on their car stereo.

Our Vision

To engage and enrich the world through the art of choral music.

Our Mission

Chor Leoni inspires audiences, trains artists, educates youth, and advances the choral art form by creating, promoting, and presenting choral music.

We create transformative experiences for our performers, audiences, and communities.

We champion Canadian culture at home and abroad.

Our Values

Supporting and supported by one another, we:

  • Thrive on the joy of making and sharing music
  • Insist on and cultivate excellence, diversity, inclusiveness, and respect
  • Embrace courage and innovation
  • Are dedicated to engaging, building, and improving communities through art
  • Aspire to continuous growth as musicians and individuals.


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