Chor Leoni: A Big Roar

Enjoy all of the highlights of our 2024 Big Roar Choral Festival from the comfort of your own home in this latest digital offering! Featuring pieces sung by Chor Leoni, our professional ensemble, The Leonids, the participants of our Emerging Choral Artists Program, our MYVoice and Prélude youth choirs, and the combined voices of more than 200 singers, this concert film is a sure to leave you feeling uplifted and inspired by the power and joy of choral singing.

Our digital experiences are free with RSVP, allowing everyone to access the beauty and joy of Chor Leoni. We invite you to make an optional donation as part of your RSVP. Help us to make and share music with audiences around the world, create new musical content, and inspire the next generation of musicians through our youth education programs. Your support is so important to us.

  • Streaming June 21st – July 7th
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