Chor Leoni

Digital Concert Experience

Chor Leoni: Chasing Visions

Shot and presented in 4k resolution, this digital series will connect you to the singers of the choir in an entirely new way as a wonderful complement to our live performances. Sit back and enjoy an uplifting digital concert that features the widest variety of choral beauty Chor Leoni has to offer.

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Chor Leoni: Chasing Visions

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Power and Joy

  • Chor Leoni: Chasing Visions
  • premieres July 9
  • Available July 9 – 16
  • Free with RSVP
Experience all that Chor Leoni has to offer: Chor Leoni, The Leonids, our MYVoice youth choirs, Emerging Choral Artists, VanMan Festival Singers, and Canada’s largest male choir as all of these groups join together in song. This hour long Digital Concert Experience features the best selections from this year’s VanMan Choral Summit, as well as behind the scenes footage. Watch, rewatch, and get inspired by the joy and power of choral singing from the comfort of your own home.

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Digital Concert Experience

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