Circle of Compassion


Circle of Compassion received the 2008 National Award for Outstanding Choral Recording given by the Association of Canadian Choral Conductors.

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Chor Leoni’s very first CD, Songs of War and Peace, was a compilation of music performed at our early annual Remembrance Day concerts. Since that time, with the realization that war does not lead to peace, we have increasingly dedicated our concerts to the citizens of all nationalities and faiths who have experienced loss and deserve our compassion. Circle of Compassion is a compilation of this music; much of it either commissioned by, or arranged for, Chor Leoni. It is a choral tour de force and offers a stunning view of Chor Leoni’s controlled power. The CD contains music from many lands, cultures, and languages, from Canada to Japan, from Russia to Spain, from Germany to England. We offer it as compassion and consolation to all those who have suffered loss.


Track List

  1. And Death Shall Have No Dominion – Kenneth Jennings
  2. Beati Mortui – Felix Mendelssohn
  3. Christmas in the Trenches – John McCutcheon, arr. Don Macdonald
  4. Dulce et Decorum – Larry Nickel
  5. O Vos Omnes – Pablo Casals, arr. Diane Loomer
  6. Dirge from Cymbeline – Conrad Susa
  7. Tarantella – Randall Thompson
  8. Psaume 121 – Darius Milhaud
  9. Vechnaya Pamiat (from Panihida No. 2) – Pavel Chesnokov
  10. Iltapilviä – Toivo Kuula
  11. Choose Something Like a Star (from Frostiana) – Randall Thompson, arr. Stephen Smith
  12. Reconciliation – Stephen Chatman
  13. Furusato – Teiichi Okano, arr. Diane Loomer
  14. Der 23. Psalm – Franz Schubert
  15. Pensive on Her Dead Gazing – Stephen Smith
  16. Bring Him Home (from Les Misérables) – Alain Boublin and Claude-Michel Schönberg, arr. Ken Cormier
Catalogue number

CLR0702, released 2007

Produced by

Jonathan Quick

Recording Engineer

Don Harder


2007 at Ryerson United Church and St. Mark's Aglican/Trinity United Church in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Special thanks

to CBC Music for their support of this recording.

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