Canadian Safari 2

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Canadian Safari 2

This double CD includes songs about cowboys, fishermen, farmers, loggers, sailors, whalers, and the Canadian landscape we love. All songs are written and arranged by real Canadians and sung by Canada’s prize-winning Chor Leoni Men’s Choir conducted by Diane Loomer. The choir is superbly backed up by the celtic-funk band, Mad Pudding.

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Track List

  1. Royal Hudson Dave Baker, arr. Larry Nickel
  2. Rise Again Leon Dubinsky, arr. Stephen Smith
  3. The Skye Boat Song Traditional/Annie MacLeod, arr. Stephen Smith
  4. The Old "Mayflower" (from Five Songs of the Newfoundland Outposts) Newfoundland folk song , arr. Harry Somers
  5. Watching the Apples Grow Stan Rogers, arr. Ron Smail
  6. Feller from Fortune (from Five Songs of the Newfoundland Outports) Newfoundland folk song , arr. Harry Somers
  7. Dondaine la ridaine Quebec folk song
  8. Indian Reels - Mad Pudding Quebec traditional
  9. Trinque l'amourette Quebeçois folk song, arr. Guy Isabelle
  10. In the Early Morning Rain Gordon Lightfoot, arr. Andy Hillhouse
  11. The Maple Leaf Forever Alexander Muir, arr. Ron Smail
  12. Amazing Grace Traditional, arr. Robert Sund
  13. All the Diamonds Bruce Cockburn, arr. Larry Nickel
  14. The Nancy Stan Rogers, arr. Ron Smail
  15. Heather Bonn/Island Ferry - Mad Pudding Graham Townsend and G. McEachern; Lionel Poirier
  16. The Black Fly Song Wade Hemsworth, arr. Jonathan Quick
  17. April in Whitehorse Murray Grand, arr. Gene Puerling and Dick Loomer
  18. The Mary Ellen Carter Stan Rogers, arr. Ron Smail
  19. Blow the Wind Southerly Northumberland folk song, arr. Robert Sund
  20. Springtime in Alberta Ian Tyson, arr. Larry Nickel
  21. Frobisher Bay James Gordon, arr. Diane Loomer
  22. The Field Behind the Plow Stan Rogers, arr. Ron Smail
  23. Kettle Valley Railroad Dave Baker, arr. Larry Nickel
  24. The Williams Lake Stampede Alan Moberg, arr. Larry Nickel
  25. Canadian Pacific Ray Griff, arr. Larry Nickel


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  1. This latest offering from Vancouver’s ‘pride of lions’ is so enjoyable that I recently found myself not minding that I had been stuck in the same spot in traffic for the past 20 minutes, just because I was listening to this in my car! A follow-up to the very successful Canadian Safari album released in 1998, this recording again features Canadian folk songs old and new but this time also with wonderful guest artists, Mad Pudding. A lively French-Canadian set captures the spirit of a quebecois party, and once again there are great Ron Smail arrangements of Stan Rogers’ songs (including “The Mary Ellen Carter,” for the Stan Rogers fans among you.) A surprisingly fresh version of “The Maple Leaf Forever” with new text moved me and the haunting rendition of “Frobisher Bay” still plays on in my memory. Canadian Safari 2 proves once again that Chor Leoni can do “serious and classical” and “fun and light” with equal panache.

    – Pat Abbott, Editor & Executive Director of the Association of Canadian Choral Conductors
    Anacrusis, Fall 2004 issue

    Pat Abbott |
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  2. Based in Vancouver, Chor Leoni is a highly-acclaimed 53-voice male choir, conducted by Diane Loomer. Canadian Safari 2 is the choir’s 8th album, and was recorded in 2004 at Ryerson United Church in Vancouver. In addition to a team of seve accompanists, the disc features several accompaniments by the folk group Madd Pudding (including two instrumentals from the group’s 1995 album, Dirt & Stone.) and several solos by baritone Steve Maddock. As suggested by the title, this two-disc set follows up Chor Leoni’s 1998 release of the original Canadian Safari. For years, while traveling to other countries, I have brought Canadian Safari along to use as a musical representation of Canada, so I was anxious to see how “part two” compared.

    At it’s most basic, Canadian Safari 2 is very much like the original, featuring a wide variety of folk songs from across the country, along with three song from beyond Canadian borders. As is the nature of such projects, certain parts of Canada are bound to be under-represented, but in this case there are songs from Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Québec, Ontario, Alberta and B.C. Two other songs are generously ascribed to Manitoba and Yukon (through changing “Fairbanks” to “Whitehorse”), respectively, while five others are more pan-Canadian. The choral arrangements come from a number of people, with the majority by Larry Nickel and Ron Smail. These are performed beautifully by Chor Leoni, who show a rare ability to transform themselves musically from a “classical” choir to “bushwackers and privateers’, each with artistic merit and equal success. The musicality of the choir is matched by the excellent accompanists, and the instrumentals “Indian Reels” and “Heather Bonn/Island Ferry”, recorded in 1995 as a separate project, are particularly well integrated into the disc.

    Paul Guise, St. Johns, Newfoundland
    This review appeared in the newsletter of the
    Canadian Society for Traditional Music/Societe Canadienne pour les Traditions Musicales,
    Summer 2006, Vol 40.2 ISSN 0829-5344.

    —Paul Guise |
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