Chor Leoni’s Emerging Choral Artist Program invites ambitious and driven young singers to participate in a
highly selective, project-based mentorship opportunity. This program is designed for experienced young male choral singers who are seeking further musical enrichment and contact with the professional musical world.  The aim of this program is to identify promising young male choral singers and avail them to multiple professional-level performance opportunities inside of Chor Leoni’s season.

This season, the ECAP singers are invited to sing with the VanMan Festival Singers at the Chan Centre on April 24 and 25 free of charge. In addition, they will sing:

Project #1
A collaboration with the professional ensemble La Nef as a part of Early Music Vancouver’s Sea Songs and Shanties program featuring Chor Leoni. This collaboration with Chor Leoni, La Nef and various professional early musicians will take place at the Chan Centre on February 22.

Project #2
A collaboration with Chor Leoni and composers Katerina Gimond, Pierre Simard and Robert Rival at the annual C4 Choral Competition.

Acceptance into the program happens through a nomination from your school, MYVoice, or other music teacher.  These teachers can email by February 10.

Important dates you must be available –

Project #1
February      15      1pm-5pm
February      17      7pm-9pm
February      19      7pm-9pm
February      21      7pm-9pm
February      22      2pm-10pm

Project #2
May             9       1pm-5pm
May             13      7pm-10pm
May             20      7pm-10pm
May             26      7pm-10pm
May             27      7pm-10pm

Flexibility may be allowed on a case by case basis to be a part of only one of the projects if the singer has conflicts.  All rehearsals must be attended to be a part of a project.

For further questions, please feel free to contact with questions.

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