Chor Leoni is Choir in Residence at the beautifully renovated St. Andrew’s-Wesley United in downtown Vancouver, where the two organizations are exploring ways they can further each other’s missions.

“In partnership with this award-winning choir, we look forward to exploring how music can help us learn more about ourselves and each other,” says Rev. Dan Chambers. “For St. Andrew’s-Wesley United to house Chor Leoni is a privilege and, we hope, a gift to our city’s culture.”

St. Andrew’s-Wesley has been Chor Leoni’s preferred performance space for years, and the Choir in Residency brings the ensemble’s office, rehearsal, and performance space under one spectacular roof.

“Through this partnership, Chor Leoni now has a true place we can welcome you, our audience,” says Chor Leoni’s Erick Lichte. “We promise the hearth of our passion for connection through music will burn even brighter. We cannot wait to welcome you to our table so that we might all feed our souls with the transformative sound of Chor Leoni’s singing.”