We believe that we need people to sing and that our world will be a better place if more people join in song together. As a friend and fan of Chor Leoni, you’ve been in the audience and experienced something unique and special – please join us in helping others share in this profound experience as a singer, audience member, young student, or distant fan. When you make a gift to Chor Leoni, you’re propelling voices across the world, into hundreds of homes, and to future generations. You’re making the world a better place, because the world is better when we all sing together.

An investment in Chor Leoni goes a long way.

You’re contributing to a vibrant and unique piece of Vancouver arts and culture. You’re helping to stage 18-20 concerts and numerous charity and community performances that impact more than 15,000 people per year. Your generosity allows this music to spread beyond concert halls to listeners in the homes of people all over the globe and has made Chor Leoni one of the most sought-after TTBB choral ensembles in the world. With your investment, Chor Leoni will continue to soar.

Your support promotes Canadian music and arts by creating new compositions, supporting Canadian composers and musicians, and launching Chor Leoni as a vehicle for Canadian musical ambassadorship worldwide. Choir Leoni represents Vancouver, BC, and Canada in the vanguard of excellence in TTBB choral music in the world. Several songs in the TTBB choral canon are composed by Canadian composers and were commissioned by Chor Leoni.

By investing in our educational programs, you’re changing the lives of young people who are interested in singing by helping them find their voice. The MYVoice education and mentorship program is offered at no cost, so that all young singers can participate regardless of financial means. The program is 100% community funded and ensures that future generations continue to sing, entertain, and move audiences around the world. Support has grown the MYVoice program to four sections around the Lower Mainland with more than 160 young singers participating each year.

Ticket sales make up only a fraction of the cost needed to provide these programs in the community. The rest is supported by the generosity of you, other individuals, foundations, and corporate partners.