Endowment Funds allow the impact of Chor Leoni to last far into the future. They create a legacy for the choir. The principal of an endowment fund is never spent, and Chor Leoni receives the annual interest from the endowment each year. This means that as the endowment grows, it has a greater impact on the choir and its activities.

When you donate to an endowment fund, you invest in the long-term legacy of the choir. Your gift is matched through an application to the Canada Cultural Investment Fund, up to 1:1 depending on the year, and it contributes to the activities of the choir forever.

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all of our generous endowment donors who have acted to ensure Chor Leoni’s beautiful music continues to impact our community for many years to come.

Chor Leoni’s endowment funds will now be managed by the Chor Leoni Foundation, a registered charity whose aim is to support the work of Chor Leoni Choral Society. For more information, please contact Stash Bylicki, Executive Director, at stash@chorleoni.org

Legacy Endowment Funds

Chor Leoni has three Endowment Funds held at the Vancouver Foundation that support the ongoing work of the organization. 


This fund provides an unrestricted contribution to the choir each year and ensures that we have an annual base of security in all of our wonderful programs.


The contributions from this fund help create new major works for TTBB choir in Diane’s memory.


This fund, generously supported by the David Spencer Endowment Encouragement Fund, supports our MYVoice Educational Program, ensuring that all young people have the opportunity to experience the transformative power of choral singing.

David Spencer had a passion for voice, and this fund will ensure that young singers continue the vocal tradition in Canada.