PopCappella: Everything is Awesome


PopCappella: Everything is Awesome is a new digital concert experience filled with fun interpretations of your favourite hits played by some of Vancouver’s best musicians. Experience the music, energy, and joy of Chor Leoni from the comfort of your own home as you sing and dance along to these popular tunes. 

Watch the show once, put it on in the background, or keep it on repeat as these tunes become the soundtrack to the end of Summer. Share this page with friends and family around the world so they can experience the joy of this music along with you. 

This digital experience is free with RSVP, allowing everyone to access the beauty and energy of Chor Leoni. We invite you to make an optional donation as part of your RSVP. Help us to make and share music with audiences around the world, create new musical content, and inspire the next generation of musicians through our youth education programs. Your support is so important to us.

  • Concert premieres October 1st at 5pm
  • Available October 1st – October 16th
  • Viewing link will be emailed to you after RSVPing