Endowment Fund

Chor Leoni has two endowment funds held at the Vancouver Foundation:

Chor Leoni Men’s Choir Endowment Fund

This fund provides a base of financial security for the choir, supporting our annual operations.

Diane Loomer Commissioning Fund
This fund contributes to the creation of new major works for male choir in Diane’s honour and memory.

Endowments create a lasting legacy for the choir. The principal is never spent and Chor Leoni receives the annual interest from the endowment each year. This means that Chor Leoni will receive more income from the endowment as it grows. Each donation to the Endowment Fund is matched through an application to the Canada Cultural Investment fund, up to 1:1 depending on the number of applicants each year. This means that your donation to the endowment fund has the potential to be doubled.

When Diane Loomer founded Chor Leoni in 1992 she had a vision: to build a choir that would carry on the esteemed tradition of men’s choral singing and create adventurous new musical experiences for singers and audiences to share. Through Diane’s demanding baton and creative vision, and the singers’ ceaseless dedication, Chor Leoni became one of the world’s very best male choirs. Now under the inspired leadership of Erick Lichte, Chor Leoni’s future is bright indeed.

By supporting the endowment fund, you support our long-term vision for the future. Donate today by visiting the Vancouver Foundation Website here.

For more information, please contact Stash Bylicki at 778.886.4612 or stash@chorleoni.org.