Christmas with Chor Leoni

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December 14, 15, 16, 17, 2018

The glow of candlelight beckons as Chor Leoni presents their traditional holiday concert of seasonal songs to warm your winter night. Familiar melodies, glorious new works and joyous a cappella harmonies, delivered with Chor Leoni’s warmth and consummate artistry, will welcome you in this festive Vancouver tradition.

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Friday, December 14 | 8pm
Sunday, December 16 | 8pm
Monday, December 17 | 5pm & 8pm
St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church
1022 Nelson St at Burrard, Vancouver

Saturday, December 15 | 3pm
West Vancouver United Church
2062 Esquimalt Ave, West Vancouver

Section A $45 | Section B $35 | Section C $30 | D $20 (restricted sight lines) | Students with ID $10 (sections B & C) | 1.877.840.0457

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  1. A simply gorgeous evening. I am under a huge amount of stress due to family matters, but I left on a high from so much skill and beauty. Congratulations!

    —Dean Brown |
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  2. Thank you boys. The concert this evening was quite a treat. Your AD has you sounding better than you have ever sounded before. The tight symphony of voices is phenomenal. It isn’t the first time you have performed it, but the Biebl piece was the finest I’ve heard. Star Of Wonder and Snowflakes were excellent. The programming was a delightful mix of sacred, divine and light-hearted. You carried us to a wonderful holiday spirit.

    —Barry J Belcher |
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  3. Christmas with Chor Leoni is a December highlight, and last night’s opening performance was
    EXCEPTIONAL!! We felt so lucky to be there, spellbound, listening, watching. It was
    captivating! Julia Nolan performing on the saxophone was in perfect sync with the spirit of
    the music.
    Thank you for spreading your joy of music and song with so many. It was a gift to be there.

    —Cora Ashburner |
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  4. Sometimes a concert will just hit the exact point where the choir’s exquisite singing will meet the warm and humorous participation of the audience. This concert found that meeting place.

    From Beibl’s Ave Maria to the dancing of pianos, saxophone and our wonderful multi award-winning choristers, from the perfect solo and choral power of ” I saw Eternity” to my being asked to dance in the aisle with a chorister, this performance portrayed the joy of Christmas for us all. (Incidentally, I would like to thank my gallant dance partner for his part in my “down to the floor” curtsy at the end of our twirl together. For a moment I forgot my age and having dropped so low I thought “Sh -‘t, how do I get up again”. He held my hand firmly until I dragged myself up for which I will be eternally grateful!”)

    Auld Lang Syne brings back so my years of memories, but the most wonderful part for me was when Erick introduced Star of Wonder by expressing his feeling that when we look at that special star it is calling to us to leave earth and join those loved ones that have gone before.

    I have long believed that when we die our souls fly to our place in the Galaxy. I often look up at the Stars and feel the touch of my parents, my brother and some precious friends now gone. To hear Erick’s words and CL so beautifully singing them I knew that my heart had been telling me the truth.

    Of all the CL Christmas concerts I have attended this one had, for me, the most perfect balance between the indescribable gifts and sounds of these men and the inclusion of those of us filling the pews to capacity.

    Chaps, you never cease to amaze. May it always be so.

    My heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you.

    —Val Ludlow |
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  5. Fantastic show – my wife says it’s rare that she gets to attend a live performance that “tickles her ears” like that. We also loved the theatrics at the close of the show.

    —George Skinner |
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  6. It was an absolute delight!

    —Christel Taylor |
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  7. It was a wonderful holiday experience – I was transfixed and transformed by the choir.

    —Corinne Monger |
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  8. Fantastic! Erick Lichte is a charismatic artistic director who guides the members of Chor Leoni to sing in perfect harmony. What beautiful voices! Tina Chang & Karen Lee-Morlang made the piano sing and Julia Nolan sounded lovely on the saxophone. I purchased a CD after the show and was able to bring the show home with me. Thank you for an inspiring evening which kicked off the Christmas season in style.

    —Kathleen |
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  9. Excellent. Loved every moment

    —Leslie Farmer |
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  10. Lovely a must for the holiday season. Loved the dancing!

    —Wendy |
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  11. It was amazing. The location was uplifting and the acoustics were perfect. I found the arrangements of all the songs were very impressive. I loved the introduction of the show itself. The voices were amazing and the Sax was that added special touch. I also like the bits of humour added throughout the show.

    —Sheila Bourassa |
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  12. outstanding as usual.

    —Bob Cowan |
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  13. The show was beautiful, it made braving the rain and sacrificing time during exams worth it!

    —Teagan Po White |
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  14. A wonderful complex, melodic, introspective and exuberant experience, performed with precision and expertise. A great performance.

    —Alex Ferguson |
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  15. Fantastic voices and harmony. I would have preferred a few more lively pieces

    —Jody |
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  16. Loved the mix of songs chosen for the night. Really enjoyed their rendition of White Christmas love love love

    —Brenda Harris |
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  17. Exactly what the doctor ordered for the busy Holiday season: being enveloped in a blanket of lush sound and having one’s heart made glad with familiar (and new) songs.

    —Beata |
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  18. Very talented group in a beautiful venue! Enjoyed it very much and filled us with Christmas spirit!

    —Karen |
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  19. The show was lovely. I thought the opening song was just eerily magical the way it was done. I liked the mix of well known and unfamiliar numbers, the shots of humour, and the sing a long. We will be attending every year that we can from now on.

    —Ursula Schmelcher |
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  20. I love the Christmas show. I really appreciate that it is in West Vancouver. I had tickets for downtown last year and got stuck in traffic and missed the show so please stay in West Van!

    —Deborah Overholt |
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  21. fabulous. singing is such a joy. the men are amazing

    —Barb Jumpsen |
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  22. Excellent concert! Loved being surrounded by music when Chor Leoni encircled the audience in the beginning and end of the concert

    —Priscilla Clark |
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  23. Wonderful! Great way to get into the Christmas spirit. Beautiful music selection complete with humour!

    —Wendi |
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  24. The concert was fabulous. I loved the song selection and the saxophonist. A great mix.

    — |
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  25. Particularly loved the Quebec carol with the dancing and fun But I am a true fan of the music performed from the beginning

    —Gloria Martin |
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  26. Chor Leoni Christmas is a magical holiday tradition for our group of friends. The concert is delightful and special to each one of us and the perfect start to an evening of friendship and fun.

    —Helen Martin |
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  27. It was wonderful. we enjoyed the rendition of “O Come All Ye Faithful” so much. We know how the choir won all the international awards! The dancing was fun to watch and listen to as was all the songs. Bashana Haba’ah was a nice touch as well. Auld Lang Syne was a good way to start the New Year. Thanks so much for a lovely Christmas concert.

    —Anne Strickland |
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  28. As an audience member, it was a festive, solemn, spirited, moving event. As a singer with a 12 voice women’s group, it was a clinic for what any good vocal ensemble strives for – blend, dynamics, song selection, audience appeal. Amazing.

    —Lorraine |
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  29. Excellent

    —Trish |
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  30. Great show with good mix of new and older carols

    —Sandy and Lowell Holland |
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  31. This was my first time at your concert and your music filled my ❤️

    —Karen Tosczak |
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  32. Really really great, enjoyed it immensely

    —Madeleine Chisholm |
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  33. It was wonderful. This is the first time I have seen Chor Leoni and am definitely a new fan! My guy used to sing in a male choir and he thought they were fabulous!

    —Susan Lundell |
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  34. Now we are ready for Christmas What a treat today!!!! Every year we come from Victoria to specially hear Chor Leoni! We consider it all as ‘our Christmas treat’! Lovely, you did not disappoint us! Whilst your quieter movements were delightful I gleamingly glowed during your wonderful forte’s….incredible blend and outstanding tones! Thank you all

    —John & Cheryl McVie |
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  35. Loved Chor Leoni Christmas show. It was lovely to hear the various renditions of favourite Christmas songs and new songs. Heartfelt and fun. Merry Christmas

    —Lois Brassart |
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  36. Fabulous

    —Roy Thordarson |
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  37. Loved it!

    —Donna Simon |
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  38. Such beautiful music and an amazing depth of talent. Thank you Chor Leoni for the joy you bring to us all!

    —Laura |
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  39. Wonderful show!! An interesting variety of pieces and I really enjoyed the pianists as well.

    —Nancy |
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  40. Really excellent. The layering of harmonies was tremendous. Thanks, guys.

    —Alan Jones |
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  41. It was a novel but moving and emotional selection of seasonally themed pieces, some familiar, some new, but all contributing to a perfect evening.

    —Jean Hurst |
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  42. Great show. Have been going to your shows for some years and you continue to impress.

    —Marlee Lougheed |
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  43. The entire concert was lovely from the opening “surround sound” to the last unison note of Silent Night. I especially loved the dancing and watching Erick’s passionate expressions while conducting!

    —Lyndia |
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  44. It’s the “anchor of my Christmas. Have attended 23: every one since the 1995 start in Vancouver and all in West Van since 2010 except, of course, the one year you didn’t visit us. Bruce heard about that. Today was wonderful, as always, with smiles and tears mixed, as always. But, that’s ok. I knew “la valse de Noel”. What fun, and fond memories!

    —Ann Frezell |
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  45. Loved it! What more can I say. I really believe that Erick is communicating well with the audience. And of course the chance to sing with the choir is wonderful. I’d love to have the names with the faces in the program-after many years of attending the concerts, I still don’t know names…

    —Ruth Brodie |
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  46. Superb, as always. Liked the old chestnuts, unlike the Nov 11 concert, which was comprised of only one composer.

    —Hanneke Corbet |
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  47. It was an outstanding performance. We also enjoyed the bit of fun and lightness with the performers down the aisles. The selection of music was beautiful. Thank you always for the gift of music ❤️

    —Barbara Pierce |
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  48. Lovely, all around.

    —Leah Christensen |
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  49. I loved your variety and complexity of the music

    —Jan Fairweather |
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  50. This entertaining performance had a wide range of seasonal choral music presented with enthusiastic introduction by the artistic director. It was much more than just Christmas Carols sung by the extremely talented Chor Leoni men, as it included winter season themes and themes about the New Year.

    —Allan Strain |
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  51. Loved the show…and the dancing was fantastic….lights and all.

    —Stuart |
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  52. I was thoroughly enchanted by the magical ethereal singing, the scintillating sounds of the piano accompaniment and the heavenly saxophone solos that sent me into higher realms! Erick Lichte’s artistic directing showcased all the musicians to create a divine musical treat!

    —Joy |
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  53. I loved the show. The music is so fresh and achingly beautiful and the saxophone accompaniment was astonishing. My absolute favourite was Bashana Haba’ah…I was so sorry when it ended.

    —Elaine Peddie |
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  54. Fabulous!

    —L.A. |
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  55. We thought the show was fantastic and the dialogue from Erick in regards to each piece makes it more enjoyable .

    —Elaine Renforth |
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  56. Wonderfully done! Uplifting and return of sense of fun.

    —Chris and Suzanne |
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  57. Wonderful as always

    —Gillian McIntyre |
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  58. Fabulous as usual! Magical in fact. Chor Leoni concerts have become my favourite among the many musical performances that we try to attend here in Vancouver. We have a full season subscription and we treasure it!!

    —Pierre Soucy |
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  59. It was fantastic. I particularly like it when they get goofy, so much fun to sing

    —Carolyn Kirkwood |
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  60. Magical with a resonance that is inparalelled.!

    —Dale |
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  61. I absolutely loved it. I didn’t want it to end.

    —Edie Hume |
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  62. I thought the show was brilliant. Tha harmonies were outstanding. I loved the combination of choir, piano and especially soprano sax. Thank you for an uplifting evening.

    —Johanna Hickey |
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  63. Outstanding, peaceful, relaxing.

    —Karin Niesczeri |
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  64. Great choices of programming, pacing, soloists. Loved the saxophone and keep the pianists – their energy and musicality and collaboration was great. Less talk from Ericke

    —Katherine Paton |
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  65. Lovely. I always enjoy your Christmas concert. The wonderful harmonies and gorgeous arrangements are soothing and magical. I would like to suggest that you do a few more “upbeat” pieces as well in future. For example, tonight’s White Christmas was great – I loved the jazzy beat and the general cheeriness and humour. You can find amazing pieces full of musicality (ie. still be interesting and alternative) that have that jazzy kind of vibe. You do the upbeat so well that it would be nice to have a balance between the slower and faster paced numbers. I love the complexity of your arrangements, and I’m sure that you can find upbeat pieces that are complex and musical and interesting. Thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s concert though, and will be back next year!

    —Fiona |
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  66. A lovely start to the Christmas season. The Biebl was stunning, such a beautiful, united tone. I loved all the repertoire, the serious leading to frivolity. Thank you for giving the audience a chance to sing too.

    —Joyce Jackson |
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  67. Wonderful. Definitely put me into the Christmas spirit. Fantastic sound and such a wonderful atmosphere to enjoy the Christmas season. Well done.

    —Ron Bergeron |
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  68. Great musical choices, outstanding performance.

    —Jane MacFadgen |
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  69. It put Christmas in my heart. Thank-you all (choir, musicians and choir master) for slugging through all of the rehearsals. You have given us a beautiful gift through your concert this evening. Your work is truly the essence of Christmas and I must say we loved the Bashana Haba’ah. A big heartfelt thanks. Happy Christmas to all of you. Anne-Marie and Peter Kains

    —Anne-Marie Kains |
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  70. Absolutely the most spiritual, heart-warming evening of musical excellence I’ve experienced in years. Your music touched me deeply.

    —Joyanne Landers |
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  71. A delight from beginning to end.

    —Jennifer Whately |
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  72. Excellent. We loved the mix of songs and the saxophone accompaniment. And, of course, the quality of the choir.

    —Lynda Erickson |
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  73. Wanted to feel the joy and community of Xmas and Chor Leoni did not disappoint

    —Wendy Amirault |
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