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Music Connects Us

Goosebumps raised by the first glorious note at Christmas; collective tears shared in the act of remembrance; the pure bliss of a comforting blanket of sound. This is Chor Leoni. Journey with us this season as we explore themes of connection, hope, and the transformative power of music.

New Flexible Ticket Packs on Sale!

Six musical events, more than 15 world premieres, and stunning guest musicians are wrapped in everything you know and love about Chor Leoni and more. New this season is a special discount for those 35 and under and the flexibility to choose how many tickets you purchase to each show, all under one pack. Bring friends and family, and make the men of Chor Leoni a familiar part of your year.

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Three Concerts

Advanced Seats | Save 5%

Let us take your breath away at three highlight concerts this season. Mix and match to your heart’s content, and enjoy the show from your favourite seats.

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Four Concerts

Advanced Seats | Save 10%

Enjoy familiar faces and musical favourites as you experience Chor Leoni in four different ways. Be the first to join us for a wondrous feat for the senses.

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Five Concerts

Advanced Seats | Save 15%

Experience almost all Chor Leoni has to offer and make Chor Leoni a significant part of your musical calendar. Pick your tickets before most others as you journey with us through the season.

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We believe that our world will be a better place if we all sang together. Thank you to our partners for joining us in harmony to make and share music with the world.

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