Emerging Artists Mentorship Program

The Emerging Artist Mentorship Program invites ambitious and driven young singers to participate in a highly selective, project-based mentorship opportunity. The program is an auditioned group for young men aged 16-26 who will work directly with Artistic Director Erick Lichte and sing with Chor Leoni at a number of events.

The purpose of the program is to give young musicians a number of unique and inspiring experiences that they would not receive through their private, school, or university studies. Namely:

  • Sing with Chor Leoni, one of the world’s vanguard male choirs, being held to the same standards and expectations as all singers of the choir
  • Participate in the VanMan Male Choral Summit and work with 300+ other singers in one of Vancouver’s most glorious concert halls. Through this experience, you will get to work with world-renowned professional singers that we invite to be a part of the festival.
  • Participate in Sea Songs and Shanties (Feb 22) and work with professional instrumentalists from across Canada.
  • Sing brand new music and work with Canadian composers as part of  C/4: Canadian Choral Composition Competition.

Audition details will be available soon.