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VanMan Summit Concert

Chor LeoniThe LeonidsVanMan Festival Singers – Erick Lichte, conductor | MYVoice choirs – Carrie Taylor, Melodie LangevinJonathan Krueger, Johnson Lui, conductors

The VanMan Summit represents the pinnacle of our commitment to education and community. It also features the widest range of choral treasure for you to enjoy: from the intimacy of The Leonids, to the polish of Chor Leoni, to the pure joy of our MYVoice youth choirs, and the spectacle of 200 singers joining together as one. Goosebumps will rise as these voices wrap around you and soar into the grand acoustics of the Chan Centre, one of Canada’s premier concert venues.

Section A $47.50 | Section B $37.50 | Section C $32.50
Ticketing by Chan Centre for the Performing Arts.
Ticket price includes $2.50 service fee.

  • May 14th | 7:30pm
  • Chan Centre for the Performing Arts

VanMan Summit Concert

Canada’s premier male choral festival is back as Chor Leoni, The Leonids, and more than 200 fellow singers celebrate the joy and power of raising voices together.

Ticketing by Chan Centre for the Performing Arts.


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  • Sofia Söderberg

    "This piece was originally written for the inauguration of a swimming hall in Lund and is therefore simply called "Badhusintro" (Swimming House Intro). After singing this intro, the choir dived into the pool in a synchronized fashion. The soloist on the high dive took over and the number was rounded off by the choir serenading as they were floating in the water."

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  • Ysaÿe Barnwell

    Poet and mystic Thomas Merton's psalm-like prayer is sensuously set to the music of a tango by Dr. Ysaÿe Barnwell.

  • Michael McGlynn

    "Written for the Irish/Icelandic ensemble M'ANAM by Michael McGlynn, "Bitter Wind" is composed around a 9th century Irish text. The poet rejoices that the wind is bitter tonight, and therefore the Vikings cannot attack as the sea is too wild."

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  • Jonathan Woody

    “Together, we'll make a powerful statement about how we see ourselves and each other, and I can't wait to share it with the wider world!"

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  • Marie-Claire Saindon

    "I wrote Turlutte walking along Saskatchewan farming fields and have continued the walking-while-creating practice ever since. I hope that Canadians - all Canadians - realize that this mouthreel tradition is very much theirs and go try it out for themselves!"

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  • Saunder Choi

    "My Dear Little Leron is a popular Filipino folk song from the Tagalog region. It is traditionally a work song, representing those who are in the fields harvesting fruits. It is often presented as a children's song, though some parts of the text may have been meant for a more mature audience as some sources also refer to it as a song of courtship."

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  • Don Macdonald

    "I wrote the poem about a couple that emerges from the dark to find a renewed appreciation of life and love. I think it's going to be quite rewarding to sing and I hope that it will be equally rewarding to listen to."

  • The Leonids

    The Leonids are a world-class professional TTBB chamber ensemble under the direction of Erick Lichte. Members have been handpicked from across North America and have sung with such ensembles as Chanticleer, Cantus, Roomful of Teeth, New York Polyphony, Conspirare, Theatre of Voices, Seraphic Fire, Trinity Church Wall Street, Clarion Choir, TENET, Skylark, and Phoenix Chorale.

  • VanMan Festival Singers

    Chor Leoni warmly welcomes all people singing tenor, baritone, and bass to the VanMan Festival Singers for a life-changing weekend of music-making, learning, connection, and community in the context of a male choir, regardless of gender identity or expression.

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  • MYVoice

    MYVoice is a completely free opportunity for singers 12-22 to experience the transformative power of choral singing, culminating in the performances on stage at the Chan Centre for the VanMan Summit Concert.

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  • Carrie Taylor

    Carrie has been teaching in the public school system for 32 years. She began her teaching career in Coquitlam and is currently teaching in Burnaby, where she enjoys teaching both band and choir. Carrie has also been the coordinator for the B.C. Provincial Honour Choir for the past several years and is one of the Directors of Vivo Children’s Choir.

  • Melodie Langevin

    Melodie is the Director of Choirs at Seycove Secondary, a vibrant school nestled in a cozy town residents affectionately call “The Cove” in North Vancouver. An avid chorister herself, Melodie discovered a passion for conducting while completing her Bachelor of Music degree at the University of Manitoba.

  • Jonathan Krueger

    Jonathan teaches choral music, concert band, and vocal jazz at North Surrey Secondary School. He is a keen student of the Kodály method of music education and enjoys the challenge of working with students whose voices are developing. His award-winning choirs continue to inspire young musicians wherever they perform.

  • Johnson Lui

    Johnson Lui has been teaching at St. Thomas More Collegiate in Burnaby for the past 11 years where he directs three concert choirs, two chamber choirs, and jazz choir. The groups have won a few awards through the years including a first and two second-place finishes at the National Music Festival.

Concert Program

  • Molytva za Ukrainu

    Mykola Lysenko

    • VanMan Festival Choir
  • Badhusintro

    Sofia Söderberg

    • VanMan Festival Choir
  • Lunar Lullabye

    Jacob Navarud

    • MYVoice Surrey Choir
  • Chasing Visions

    Don Macdonald

    • MYVoice Burnaby Choir
  • Will the Circle Be Unbroken

    Arr. J. David Moore

    • MYVoice North Shore Choir
  • Glory

    Stephens, Lynn, and Smith, arr. Eugene Rogers

    • MYVoice Vancouver Choir
  • Tango With God

    Ysaÿe Barnwell

    • The Leonids
  • Letamini in Domino

    Philippe Verdelot

    • The Emerging Choral Artist Program (ECAP) & The Leonids
  • Aves spes nostra

    Vicente Lusitano

    • The Emerging Choral Artist Program (ECAP) & The Leonids
  • Bitter Wind

    Michael McGlynn

    • VanMan Festival Choir
  • World Premiere

    I Am/I Wish

    Jonathan Woody

    • VanMan Festival Choir
  • Muistse Mere Laulud

    Veljo Tormis

    • The Leonids
  • World Premiere

    Dolcissima Mia Vita

    Don Macdonald

    • Chor Leoni and The Leonids
  • Lux Aurumque

    Eric Whitacre

    • Chor Leoni
  • She is the River

    Don Macdonald

    • Chor Leoni
  • World Premiere

    Turlutte acadienne montréalaise

    Marie-Claire Saindon

    • Chor Leoni
  • Leron, Leron Sinta

    arr. Saunder Choi

    • Chor Leoni
  • Feeling Good

    Newley and Bricusse, arr. David Harrington

    • The Leonids
  • World Premiere

    The Grace of Light

    Don Macdonald | Composer in Residence

    • VanMan Festival Choir
  • We Rise Again

    Dubinsky/MacMillan, arr. Stephen Smith

    • VanMan Festival Choir

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Simply fabulous. Can’t beat the opportunity to sing with so many good voices, learn more to improve your singing, hear top headliner acts and sing under the direction of the wonderful Erick Lichte. Just awesome!

Robert Forbes, Festival Participant