PROMYS Honour Choir


The PROMYS Honour Choir is a highly selective, auditioned ensemble of 16 singers, chosen by Chor Leoni’s Erick Lichte. This season the PROMYS Honour Choir will participate in the VAN/MAN MALE CHORAL SUMMIT (April 21 & 22). The highlight will be a one-on-one rehearsal and workshop with Chanticleer, culminating in a performance with Chanticleer at the Summit Concert on April 22.

The ideal PROMYS candidate is one of the top people in their choral program.

There is no charge for participating in the PROMYS Honour Choir. Enrollment is limited to 16 singers.

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2013  PROMYS participants

Matt Alvernaz, Killarney Secondary | Ryan Chou, Killarney Secondary | Jeremy Dela Cruz, Hamber Secondary | Alex Kim, Point Grey Secondary | Alexander Lee, Point Grey Secondary | Brian Lee, Argyle Secondary | Jomar Mascardo, Burnaby Central Secondary | Dylan Morin, Maple Ridge Secondary | Gabriel Ng, Burnaby Central Secondary | Elfren Ordanza, Douglas College | Nick Renaud, Maple Ridge Secondary | Isaac Sejbjerg, Burnaby Central Secondary | Ian Stewart, Burnaby Central Secondary | Christian Tolentino, Point Grey Secondary | Nicholas van der Velden, Douglas College | Philip Wing, Tupper Secondary | Steve Zimmerman, Burnaby Secondary


Jerome Tan (Windemere), Matt Alvernaz (Killarney), Aksel Taylor (Burnaby Central),  Alex Kim (Point Grey), Min Soo Uim (Tupper), Oliver Robertson (Tupper), Issac Sejbjerg (Burnaby Central), JP Radalet (UBC), Tommy Vo (Burnaby Central), Alvin Lin (Magee), Jiro Dumrique(Tupper), Ian Hill (Point Grey)


Aksel Taylor (Burnaby Central), Cole Grabinsky (Burnaby Central), Isaiah Bemrose-Fetter (Prince of Wales),  Zainen Suzuki (Burnaby Central), James Whitlock (graduate of Argyle), Nicholas Burns (Burnaby Central), James Eastwood (Kwantlen College), Roger Tsui (Burnaby Central), John-Paul Radelet (Home school), Anton Siedlecki (Gleneagle)


Graham Au-Lange (Burnaby Central Secondary), Isaiah Bemrose-Fetter (Prince of Wales), Daniel Broderick (Archbishop Carney), Nicholas Burns (Burnaby Central), Cole Grabinsky (Burnaby Central), Colin Jones (University Hill), Kevin Lin (Burnaby Central), Scott Murphy (Burnaby Central), John-Paul Radelet (Magee), Zainen Suzuki (Burnaby Central), Aaron Wong (Magee)


Graham Au-Lange (Burnaby Central Secondary), Dennis James Bastillo (St. Thomas Aquinas), Logan Drackett (Argyle Secondary), Daniel Gilmour (Argyle Secondary), Victor Hsu (R.E. Mountain Secondary), Thomas Lamont (New Westminster Secondary), Kevin Lin (Burnaby Central Secondary), John-Paul Radelet (Home School), Zainen Suzuki (Burnaby Central Secondary), Jun Qi (Jason) Wang (Prince of Wales Secondary), Aaron Wong (Magee Secondary), Cliff Wong (Windemere Secondary), Justin Woo (Eric Hamber Secondary)


Douglas Au-Lange (Burnaby Secondary), Josh de Guzman (Eric Hamber Secondary), Thomas Lamont (New Westminster Secondary), Christopher Li (Eric Hamber Secondary), Ezra Park (Windemere Secondary), Zainen Suzuki (Burnaby Secondary School) ,Cliff Wong (Windemere Secondary), Edward Wong (Eric Hamber Secondary)


Sky Kao (Burnaby Central Secondary School), Keith Sinclair (Capilano College), Edmund Natividad (Churchill Secondary School), Harry Ahn and Robert Mackin-Lang (Collingwood Secondary School), Buddy Bailey and Jason Costa (Windermere Secondary School)


Allan Chang, Corey Hollett, Noel Hollett, Woong Hee Lee, Max Liu, Jamie Turner, Mathew Cownden, Damon Guy, Justin Hamilton, Ben James-Groom, Chris Kilgore, David Monkman, Mark Russell, Jesse Setka, Clayton Sheldon, Cedric Spry, Toshi Uyeda, Brendan Walsh, Paul Winkelmans, Richard Zhou.


Stephen Baker, Corey Hollett, Noel Hollett, Sean Jackman, David McHugh, Jamie Turner, Michael Allison, J.C. de Vos, Chris Kilgore, Jesse Lupini, Dan McPeake, Jesse Setka, Cedric Spry, Brendan Walsh, Paul Winkelmans.