Why Support

Music is a stunning vehicle for communication that transcends many of the barriers that divide us. We believe that Choral Music, using that most intimate instrument—the human voice—is a particularly powerful way to rouse emotions and make an impact. As such, Chor Leoni Men’s Choir strives in every aspect to make an impact on our community and our world.

Our ticket sales only cover a portion of our budget each year. Your support is absolutely critical to ensuring that the organization continues to thrive. Chor Leoni has grown to do many things, but it’s important that you know the impact you can have when you make a gift:

When you make a gift, you:

• Support the highest level of male choral music in our own backyard and propel the art form forward worldwide.

• Help to create brand new music through commissions, exciting collaborations, and challenging projects that provoke thought and instil beauty.

• Change the lives of young men who are interested in singing and help to inspire the next generation of singers

• Champion Canada by creating new Canadian content, supporting Canadian composers, and promoting Canadian  heritage and culture worldwide

• Foster a community in Vancouver like none other.

We can’t wait for you to become a part of it!