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April 22, 2017


Please note that there are tickets still available for VanMan’s opening concert, Chanticleer at the Chan, on Friday April 21. Tickets through


Featuring Chanticleer | Chor Leoni Men’s Choir | Chor Leoni’s MYVoice choirs | Vancouver Men’s Chorus | Karlakórinn Heimir (Iceland) | VanMan Festival Singers

Now in its third year, VanMan has become a favourite of Chor Leoni audiences, and this year becomes a sought-after international destination for male choirs. Chanticleer will present a solo set, and we are pleased to welcome Iceland’s Karlakórinn Heimir to the Chan. The power of 400 men singing will stir your soul – don’t miss it.




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Saturday April 22, 2017 | 7:30pm
Chan Centre for the Performing Arts at UBC
6265 Crescent Rd, UBC, Vancouver

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  1. I am desperate for ONE ticket to the Saturday evening concert. I didn’t learn that I needed to order a ticket in advance until the show was already sold out. I rebooked an important trip just to be in town for this concert (my son is in the MyVoice choir), so if anyone has a spare ticket they won’t be using, and would be willing to sell, please drop me an email at Thank you.

    —Karleen Gill |
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  2. I won’t forget this night. Ever.
    To have Chanticleer and Chor Leoni was extraordinary and the thrill evident in the young singers was inspiring for everyone.

    —Sheila |
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  3. What an absolutely thrilling evening this was. There were so many wonderful aspects to the whole project that it is hard to pick the best. The boys who had a chance to sing with Chanticleer – something for them to remember forever. The fact that you have hundreds of men on the stage and can actually hear the words because they are so together. I can well imagine that it must have been a logistical nightmare to get a project like this to run like clockwork. And: It ran like clockwork. I know Chor Leoni has amazing abilities and you proved once again that you are up to any task. Congratulations to Erick, David C (who I am sure had a big hand in the success of this evening) all the singers and everyone else who contributed. I was so proud of you all and so proud that Vancouver can put on such a show. Please reserve my seat for the next one!

    —Martha Hazevoet |
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  4. Wonderful concert! What a thrill to see Chanticleer – I have been a fan since they started, and this is the first time I have seen them live. Erich was on form, and so were our beloved Lions. Thank you all.
    Btw, can we get rid of the e-tickets? Many of us older folks just can’t make them work.

    —Irene Slater |
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  5. Hearing and seeing those young men sing gives me hope that the next generation carries forth the art of connecting people through voice to add to the well-being and happiness of human kind. I applaud Chor Leoni for creating and supporting MyVoice, and for putting this phenomenal event of multiple choirs on the stage. What a feast for the ears … for the soul.

    —Petra M. |
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  6. What an absolutely amazing two nights of choral music. Chanticleer on Friday night was spectacular and really enjoyed the Ave Maria encore with Chor Leoni. Saturday night was equally wonderful with the Icelandic Choir, the wonderful Vancouver Men’s Chorus with the final song that was so much fun, seeing all the young men from My Voice sing. Of course my favourite Lions, Chanticleer again with Promys for part, and ending with so many glorious men’s voices raised in one of my favorite songs, Rise Again. One request, could you publish the set list for Chanticleer as they didn’t follow the program list on Friday and announced songs from the stage on Saturday. I would like to note the songs I heard in my concert journal.

    —Brenda Benham |
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  7. Despite the length of the performance, and it was very long, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    The Heimir Men’s Choir was predictably traditional, Chanticleer polished, professional and spectacular and the young male choirs a total delight.
    As for Chor Leoni, I am a convert.
    The 2017-2018 season will prove to be my second year as a Season Ticket holder.
    Thank you.

    —Deborah Tildesley |
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  8. As a retired teacher and counsellor, I was so happy to see how the education/development side of Chor Leoni is working, and see it as a value to both the community and individuals. Was also blown away by the high standard of performance and loved Chanticleer and our Lions especially.
    I personally appreciate the attempt to reach all levels of technical musicianship and accessibility; think this a smart and democratic philosophy.
    Thank you for enriching my life.
    Jenny Wahl
    N Van

    —jenny wahl |
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  9. A concert such as the VAN/MAN at the Chan Theater last night comes around only rarely. Wow! The guest choirs were fantastic, the My Voices choirs were so impressive and Chor Leoni was superb.

    Thank you

    Denis Sjerve

    —Denis Sjerve |
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  10. Absolutely overwhelming evening in a spectacular setting. I had never been to the Chan before, flawless acoustics. Ethereal voices in perfect harmony (no Auto-Tune recordings or lip-synching!). Varied selections from classical to modern, and some light-hearted popular with choreography from the Vancouver Men’s Choir. The best of the international Choral world with the newest emerging local talent combined for memories to treasure for a lifetime (or at least until next year). Erick’s passion and love made a huge undertaking a warm family affair.

    —Geoff Trimpol |
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  11. The wide range of musical styles and the pervasive joy projected by all the singers, which was caught and returned by the audience, combined to create a surprisingly intimate, warm and deeply satisfying experience. It does not get better than this-bravo to all the artists!

    —Vera Maceluch |
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  12. This was a great evening – Erick s/b proud

    Suggestion for next year — invite the Edmonton Ukrainian Men’s Choir

    —Gerry Wahl |
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  13. It just doesn’t get better than this! Two evenings of joyous expression in song! The audience responsed with such enthusiasm also!
    I must comment on one particular young lad in the My Voice choir. He had no music, knew his part, sang from his soul, and could not keep his hands still. So into the music. I still smile as I think of him and the pure joy he gave to me!
    Thank you seems an inadequate expression for this amazing gift of music, it will remain with me a very long time! Helen

    For two seasons I have been a participant in the International Choral Kataumixw in Powell River. The youth choirs have been especially wonderful. May I recommend three youth choirs to consider for your future invitations: St Stanislav’s Youth Choir from Slovenia, (director Damijan Mocnik);Kokopelli Choir from Edmonton, AB ( Director Scott Leithead); & Kapiti College Choir from New Zealand). Ay-Laung Wang has been involved, and Paul Cummimgs is the Artistic Director

    —Helen |
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  14. The concerts were absolutely wonderful and we loved every minute of both Van/Man and Chanticleer. All the reviews above say all that I would say so I will just add that I too was incredibly delighted to witness the enthusiasm of the young male singers. Chor Leoni is performing a marvellous community service by introducing young men to a choral experience that will no doubt stay with them in one way or another throughout their lives. Thanks to all of you. You are an inspiration.

    —Valerie D |
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