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March 7, 2015

VanMan Summit Concert


Chor Leoni Men’s Choir |  Chor Leoni’s MYVoice choirs |  BC Boys Choir | UBC Men’s Choir |  Vancouver Men’s Chorus Illumni Men’s Chorale (Seattle)

The exhilarating conclusion to the VanMan Choral Summit features solo sets from the area’s best male choruses, plus a magnificent mass choir finale. From youthful exuberance to practiced maturity, VanMan brings you the full power and beauty of male choral singing. Lovers of choral music, this is a “not to be missed” event.

Full Details

Saturday March 7, 2015
Chan Centre for the Performing Arts at UBC
6265 Crescent Rd, UBC, Vancouver

4pm – MYVoice at the Chan
FREE admission, but tickets are required. They will be available from the Chan Box Office from noon onwards on March 7.

7:30pm – Summit Concert
$25 adults | $10 students [w/ID] (service charges apply)

Tickets through 604.822.2697 + service charges
Tickets may also be purchased in person at the Chan box office. Office hours are Tuesday to Saturday 12 – 5pm.

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  1. What an amazing festival! The choirs displayed such a diversity of styles and musical choices – from the serious to the seriously silly! Thanks to Chor Leoni for coordinating such a fantastic experience – our boys were part of the MYVoice program for the second year and this was an excellent experience for them. We saw both the afternoon and evening performances and were blown away!

    —Craig & Lisa Madill |
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  2. This was my 4th year in MyVoice and definitely my favourite. It was this program that reminded me how much fun it was to sing and as a result I am in multiple choirs now. MuVoice is one of those things I have come to look forward to each year. This year singing and watching VanMan was truly a super duper amazing experience. Thanks to everyone! And know that you are making a huge difference in young men’s lives with singing.

    —Chris Harris |
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  3. What an outstanding performance. Each choir gave a different colour to the tapestry of music presented in the evening; a wide range of traditional and secular music with more than one comic surprise. We will be attending next years performance and we will be encouraging our family to see this beautiful exhibition of song.

    —J. Dyer |
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  4. A fantastic concert featuring powerful, silly, and heart wrenching music. The Chan Centre acoustic loves the male voice, and the opening number “O Saya” filled the hall with harmonic singing and 350 voices spread throughout the hall. I must add that, for me, the MYVoice singers stole the show, and I hope they go on doing so for years to come!

    —Laurence |
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  5. It was a pleasure for this Seattleite to sing with all of you! The Chan Centre blew me away with its marvelous acoustic, and the sound of 370 male voices was a pretty astonishing sound to behold and to be a part of. Events like this prove that beautiful music can transcend international borders, and I can’t wait for another opportunity!

    —Charlie Logan |
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  6. I didn’t listen to this concert, I felt it and I lived it.

    —Peter Mills |
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  7. From the perspective of a singer over 65, this entire day filled me full of emotions. Tearful to see so many young boys and men sharing their joy of singing; thankful that many communities gave such loving support; joyful to see the singers bond with each other; hopeful for the future of singing and So very grateful to be there singing.

    From deep in my soul. Thank you!

    Ron in Seattle

    —Ron Anderson |
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  8. Our son has now participated in 4 MyVoice programs and we are amazed and impressed every year. This year was totally different in format and was absolutely wonderful. The afternoon concert was so fun and all the MyVoice choirs did so well, the conductors seem to be able to connect on a very deep level with these boys (the cryptic message from Les Nerling about growing mullets now makes sense!). The evening concert was not even close to expectation; it exceeded on every level. We were treated to very different groups with very different styles. The closing number, We Rise Again, was so moving and to hear the young boys (and some men too) hit those high notes at the end was superb. Thank you Chor Leoni for making this experience so memorable and to the other choirs for raising the bar so high and treating the audience to an evening of real entertainment.

    —John Dawson |
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  9. A wonderful evening of music. So glad I was there! A wonderful variety of music and so inspiring to hear these young men from UBC and MYVoice. It augurs well for the future of male choral singing in Vancouver. Thanks so much for putting this together and giving us such joy!


    —Mary Hanson |
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  10. This was our first time attending this event. It was wonderful, touching and so nice to see the varying ages of male participants. It made us laugh and cry! Our son performed in the BC boys choir for the first time and really enjoyed the experience as did we. We’ll be sure to attend next year!

    Sandy Lopez |
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  11. Excellent production. A joy to see the MYVoice participating. Singing is great for all of us.

    —lorne Jean |
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  12. I am not currently attached to a choir – and missing it, so being invited to sing with Chor Leoni was indeed special. I was thrilled by the beauty and variety of each choir, and overwhelmed by the feeling of male unity and the power of our massed singing. Was moved to tears by being in the presence of all those male youth and adults who were making beautiful music together. Thank you Chor Leoni and Erick.

    —Don Marshall |
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  13. The concert was a delight. We enjoyed all parts. The choir from Washington was a great representation of how wide the choral range can be. We live in the Cariboo, and sing in church choirs. When in Vancouver we will watch for further choral offerings, as would our son, who lives in Vancouver, and used to sing second tenor with the Bach Choir.

    —Barrie and Anne Bolton |
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  14. Please don’t consider my comment as a negative, but I felt the time length was beyond being comfortable. 2 1/2 hours without an intermission particularly for the majority of the age group was very long and after a while takes away from the enjoyment of the performances. At the same time I realize the likely reasons for not having an intermission. In future, if there is expansion of the number of choirs participating, two evening performances may be preferable, one for younger performers and a second evening for those more seasoned. Having said that, I enjoyed the opportunity of hearing such professionals and marveled at the enthusiasm overall. I was overjoyed by the number of young men who are furthering their interest in this type of culture. Kudos to all!

    —Horace Randall |
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  15. Amazing concert, my son is in the BC Boys Choir and I felt the pure joy of singing from all of the participants. Bravo!

    —Shannon L. |
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  16. As a former member of a women’s chorus I know what goes into organizing an event like this. I am also aware of how belonging to a choir raises one’s self esteem and provides unexpected knowledge in many areas other than just singing. The young singers of MYVoice are truly blessed to have this opportunity.

    Astonishing performances! Your music filled my soul. I’ll be back.

    Helen O’Keeffe

    —Helen O'Keeffe |
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  17. An excellent concert in a great location. My partner and I were impressed with the effort required to organize this whole event and, in particular, extending the opportunity to sing to young men.

    —Wayne McNulty |
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  18. I came to Vancouver from the Gulf Islands especially to see this performance based on my delight with the Remembrance Day and Christmas Truce performances of Chor Leoni. I was a little underwhelmed with the VanMan evening. I felt that the evening was way too long with no intermission. Some of the choirs could have presented one piece instead of four. I agree with commentator H.R. above that it might be better to have two performances, one performance in the afternoon highlighting the younger or more inexperienced groups and one in the evening with the more accomplished.
    AND…. what was going on with the lighting???
    The finale was wonderful.

    —michael anthony |
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  19. On Saturday, March 7, 2015 male voices ranging in approximate ages 8-80 joined together in song at the Chan Centre in Vancouver for the inaugural VanMan Summit. When they performed together there were 350 voices on stage. It was magical. There was something special about all those men singing their hearts out. The host choir, Chor Leoni Men’s Choir, and their conductor Erick Lichte was the inspiration behind this event and are to be congratulated.

    Several years ago the late Diane Loomer CM envisioned young secondary aged male singers being offered a short 10 week (once a week) choral experience culminating in a performance with Chor Leoni. This program is completely free for the singers as a result of generous corporate and private sponsors. There are satellite choirs in Richmond, Burnaby and Vancouver directed by three outstanding conductors.

    The choirs took part in workshops during the day and there were performances at 4:00pm and 7:30 pm. A choir from Seattle was the only choir that was not from the lower mainland.

    If you were a young singer experiencing singing for a short time I guarantee you will keep singing after such a rich experience.

    The music was diverse and exciting. When the massed choir sang “We’ll Rise Again” I shed a tear for my friend and CL’s founder and Artistic Director for many years, Diane Loomer. She would have been so proud to know that her dream of the MYVoice program had grown to become such a rich experience for so many male singers and for we her adoring fans. Bravo!! I hope you will continue to offer this in the future.

    —Sandra Phillips |
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  20. Unbelievable event ! Quite breath taking to see / hear all those choirs.
    And, the Chan Centre was the perfect venue !
    To the organizers: Well done !
    To the performers: Awesome !

    I’m a retired Drama teacher, and I was completely overwhelmed !

    Three Bravos to everyone !

    —Larry Bauer |
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  21. I attended both matinee and evening shows, sitting towards the back of the hall. Most of the youth soloists (and even one or two of the adults) do not have big enough voices to be intelligible that far back. They should have used a solo mike. Otherwise, great shows.

    —Paul Nelson |
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  22. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, particularly the final massed choirs items. We certainly do “rise again in the voices of our children. A couple of suggestions for next year (I am confidently assuming there will be a next year): (1) Announce each group as it comes on stage; with the lights out, it was very difficult to read the program. (2) Have a regular black music stand for the conductors with no spotlight shining on it; the transparent one with a spotlight shining on it blinded us to the exent that we had to shield our eyes.

    —Judith Davis |
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  23. Enjoyed the whole evening, particularly the combined choirs at the end. Thought the “Ribbit” song went on too long. Didn’t notice the lack of intermission as time flew by.

    —Marylin Mainland |
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  24. utterly glorious, thank you for all the hard work.

    —eileen hendry |
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  25. Most enjoyable. Variety, quality and preparation excellent. Very upbeat. A wonderful evening.

    —Art and issie Van Wart |
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  26. This is my son’s third year doing the MYVoice program and I have to say it was the best year so far. I am impressed with the level the conductors can bring the boys to in such a little amount of time. The addition of the other Men’s choirs brought the event to another level and the venue couldn’t have been better. I look forward to another year of MYVoice. Thank you to the Chor Leoni Choir for bringing everyone together to host a wonderful event.

    —Marlie Makynen |
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  27. Attended both concerts. Great experience for both young men and us the audience. A mic would have helped the solo voices in the afternoon. Wonderful to hear that many voices singing. Thrilled that we attended.

    —Sandy Holland |
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  28. I have been singing in choirs for well over half a century. It was very touching to hear the BC Boys Choir sing phrasing so well at such a tender age. They phrased better than many a more seasoned choir.
    The Chan Centre was was a wonderful place to conduct, to sing and join in singing with the other male voices. It was a glorious day.

    Steven Clark |
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  29. Attended both afternoon and evening performances and loved both. It just thrills my heart to know about MYVoice and to see these young people performing so well. Choral singing is a lifelong enriching experience. Loved all the choirs and the variety of music chosen.

    —Margriet Warren |
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  30. A thrilling evening with such diverse offerings.
    From where I was sitting in the balcony the young singers sounded a bit thin which was a shame–maybe a mike?
    Could the numbers be grouped to avoid applause between each one?
    I will certainly be there next year.

    —jaccqueline Christie |
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  31. What a magnificent evening. From the purity of those angelic sopranos from the BC Boys Choir (whose voices I wanted to hear more of – and did – soaring from that magnificent choir loft at The Chan in the final numbers) to the craziness of the Illumni numbers (thank you Seattle) – we laughed so much – BUT when Chor Leoni sang Dies Irae I had shivers. I have never heard them sound so strong and with such integrity – Diane would have been so proud of what Erick has done with these amazing voices. When the Vancouver Men’s Choir walked onto the stage I didn’t think they were ever going to stop coming in – how many men? WOW what an organization. Superb community and great entertainment – especially the dancing. And the experience of all of the young boys/men in MYVoice – they were so joyfully committed to their singing experience – the experience of a lifetime for them. Keep on singing boys/men – it only gets better. The other beauty of this evening was seeing so many performers from so many nationalities – what a great accomplishment – but isn’t that Vancouver. Thank you all for such a magnificent evening of great music, dance and pure artistic entertainment. I hope this will become an annual event. There was still room on stage for even more talented men!

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  32. Wonderful day and evening of some of the best music I have ever experienced. If there had been another performance, I would have been there also.

    —Christine McCafferty |
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  33. The evening surpassed all of my expectations. Fabulous music! How lucky those young boys were to experience the richness of singing in the joint choir after their 10 weeks. I appreciated the diversity of groups and of the selections and I will certainly be there next year.

    —Rita Green |
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  34. We enjoyed the VanMan Choral Summit very much. The opening music O Saya was wonderful and as each choir joined in and the music rose to a crescendo you could feel it inside you. Well done. All the choirs — the various Boys Choirs, UBC Men’s Choir, Combined MYVoice Choir, Illumni Men’s Chorale, Vancouver Men’s Chorus, and Chor Leoni Men’s Choir treated us to a wonderful selection and variety of music. All in all it was an evening to remember. I do hope this will become an annual event. Congratulations to all, WELL DONE.

    Bill and Maureen Phillips

    —Maureen D Phillips |
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  35. Wow what an enjoyable day. I have been singing in choirs for about 16 years, Erick stands out as one of the best choral directors I have experienced. Knowing a bit about how much work goes into putting together an event like this, he and the Chor Leoni organization are to be congratulated for pulling off this event so smoothly. While being a participant has its own rewards you don”t get to experience the full acoustics from the audience’s perspective. From reading the posts it must have been glorious. Congrats to all – the audience for being there; and my many fellow singers for giving their best! Lets hope this becomes an annual event!!!

    —Dennis Hartman |
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  36. Well-deserved kudos and sincere thanks to Chor Leoni, Erick Lichte, visiting conductors and singers, the legions of volunteers and of course to Diane Loomer, for her magnificent vision and lifelong commitment to the choral arts. It sounded like this was going to be a male choral happening of monumental proportions – well worth the trip from Calgary -and it definitely did not disappoint. This was truly a celebration of male song, and I was honoured to be among those participating. The MyVoice program is inspiringly awesome (thank you RBC!). Chor Leoni is sounding amazing and the various guest ensembles charmed, moved and entertained us in so many different ways. As we can see from the reviews above, the event must be deemed a tremendous success, although there are probably a few things to learn from this first VanMan Summit. I do so hope that I can bring the Calgary Boys’ Choir out to a future VanMan event. Onward and upward!

    —Paul Grindlay |
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  37. A great afternoon and evening of music. It is unfortunate that there weren’t more people at the free afternoon concert to experience the individual boys choirs perform in their groups.

    Perhaps a more friendly way of having tickets for the afternoon concert than having to visit the Chan ticket centre in person before the show would encourage more people to attend.

    As mentioned above, perhaps having the boys’ solo performances miked should be considered.

    All in all, a great audience experience, and I am sure a great experience for all the choirs, especially the boys choirs.

    —Don McQueen |
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  38. Thank you for you comment regarding the afternoon concert. Unfortunately we are unable to make the free tickets available any other way than through picking up prior to the event from the Chan box office.

    —Bruce Hoffman |
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