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April 7, 2018

An evening of thrilling entertainment is in store as 300+ men’s voices fill the Chan Centre’s glorious acoustics to close the fourth annual VanMan Male Choral Summit. Powerful and moving, the Summit Concert is a must for every male voice aficionado.

Includes solo sets by:

Chor Leoni
Chor Leoni’s MYVoice Choirs
Chor Leoni’s PROMYS Honour Choir

– and massed choir selections with all of the above plus the VanMan Festival Singers.

Part of the VanMan Male Choral Summit

Saturday April 7, 2018 | 7:30pm
Chan Centre for the Performing Arts
6265 Crescent Rd, UBC, Vancouver

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Saturday April 7, 2018 | 7:30pm
Chan Centre for the Performing Arts
6265 Crescent Rd, UBC, Vancouver

Section A $45 | Section B $35 | Section C $30 | Students $10 | 604.822.2697

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  1. Wonderful, uplifting mixture of young and experienced. Please do it again. Loved the Burnaby boys choir!

    —Michael Soltynski |
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  2. This was an awesome concert from beginning to end . And Takr 6 were great this evening in the smaller setting with much better production and miking than in the Queen E. looking forward to next year’s Summit. The student choirs were amazingly accomplished.

    —Art B |
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  3. This was an absolutely fabulous choral evening!!! Chor Leoni as always was amazing! Kudos to the My Voice conductors who pulled such heartwarming results from the My Voice Choirs. Those young men were really enjoying themselves which translates to the audience. Take 6 is on another planet! Wow! The rendition of “Mary” with Take 6 and the Mass Choirs brought the house down. An evening we will not soon forget! Congratulations!

    —Sm Herdman |
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  4. A simply fantastic night of men’s singing! To see so many young men singing is wonderful, heartwarming and uplifting. Congratulations on fostering this wonderful program and bringing your beautiful music to our Vancouver community.

    —Jean Swenerton |
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  5. What a spectacular weekend of music. First the Take 6 evening and then the Van Man. The My Voice program has a special place in my heart and to hear them this evening is truly rewarding and a glimpse of Chor Leoni’s future!

    —Jaqui Joys |
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  6. Uplifting, artistic, moving, and joyous! What a wonderful opportunity for young men to sing together, under expert direction. Congratulations to everyone involved!

    —L |
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  7. Wonderful! Such a nice mix. I loved the myvoice segments.

    —Tilly schalkwyk |
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  8. A wonderful evening of music… we especially love seeing all the young guys excited about singing from the 4 My Voice groups. What a great addition to Vancouver’s Choral music scene.

    —Graham and Moira Nixon |
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  9. The Van Man converts keep getting better and better. We have been to all three and this one was absolutely brilliant. Thank you for a most enjoyable evening.

    —Johanna Hickey |
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  10. Extraordinary! As usual. A roller coaster of emotions for me. The pros really offer up high art, but a completely different emotion is watching and listening to the young boys. What they achieve in just 10 weeks is unbelievable. You can actually see which ones’ lives are being transformed in those moments. Thank you for the extraordinary ride … at the end, I dry my tears and am literally emotionally exhausted.

    —Rick albert |
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  11. Choir Leoni, the MyVoices choirs, the PROMYS and the van Man Festival singers were all brilliant, exciting, professional…..I could hear every word and sense the joy of all .
    Gimikwenden Ina was particularly beautiful and soul – awakening . Thank you for your dedication to all genres of music.
    . I could not understand a word of the Take 6 and could have done without that segment.

    —Judith Ann |
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  12. The Summit Concert was fabulous in every way from Chor Leoni to Take 6. I really enjoyed seeing and hearing My Voice. I loved that they were from all walks of life and given such an amazing experience. And the talent….wow! I look forward to next year’s event.

    —Deb |
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  13. It was a wonderful concert and an opportunity to hear the voices of the younger gratin of singers. Hats off to everyone who work to have this event. It was particularly graceful of Erick to bring in the aboriginal song and I hope this will be an annual event. Perhaps they will have a MY Voice group someday! The 6 and there songs were fun for all ages.

    —Anne |
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  14. wonderful evening – warm, joyous atmosphere in the beautiful Chan Centre location. The quick pacing and uplifting segments with the young My Voice choirs was appreciated. Great to know that these community initiatives are ongoing. Love the energy of Chor Leoni!

    —Holly and Peter Horwood |
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  15. We enjoyed the concert so much! It was very uplifting to hear the talented young men sing. The choir directors have done a marvellous job of helping the boys to create beautiful music. The massed choirs, Take Six, and the Payette made a beautiful blending of inspiration, beautiful music and some fun! Did you notice us all dancing in our seats?!

    —Kitty Chase |
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  16. A beautiful musical experience. The MYVoice Choirs were amazing with only 10 weeks singing together. It was fun enjoying their enthusiasm singing and clapping with Chor Leoni and Take 6 Choirs.I hope to return.

    —edie Wood |
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  17. Uplifting, inspiring, entertaining. Thank you Chor Leoni and MyVoice Directors! Take 6 was a great addition to the line up. We had fun and look forward to next year.

    —Shona |
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  18. awesome concert!!! great to see young men encouraged to participate in the arts, perform publicly & develop self-confidence

    —kw |
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  19. Congratulations! A total inspiration – the whole evening. The thoughtful and inclusive programming, the opportunity afforded to young men each year, the power of the VanMan Massed Choirs, Chor Leoni Men’s Choir and Ken Cormier, the amazing Take 6 who took us higher, and, to conductor, Erick Lichte, you rock! Thank You. A cheque is on its way.

    —The McG-P Endowment Fund |
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  20. This is the second year my son has participated with the MYVoice choirs. These young men are able to accomplish so much in such a short time through the dedication of their conductors. And the support received from Chor Leoni to make this program and weekend available to these young men is truly a gift. Thank you, thank you!

    —Nicole Deranleau |
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  21. Loved the concert! The standard is so high it is impossible that each show is better than the last, but you pull it off. So nice to see all the young men, ready to move up as the grey hairs move out!!! A small criticism – the show was a bit long. Perhaps each of the MyVoice choirs could limit their segment to 2 items.

    —irene |
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  22. What I loved most was the variety of selections from the classic to the amusing. Most of all the selection from Children of God was a moving and powerful performance that filled the room with healing energy that was shared by all. The joy of seeing so many different generations come together to celebrate life through song is the reason I intend to attend for many years to come, I walk away from the gorgeous jewel of the Chan a lot less concerned with what is currently happening in our crazy world, confident that for one perfect moment, there is harmony and peace… Thank you for all of the effort involved in bringing this all together!

    —Geoff Trimpol |
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  23. What a great event. So nice to see the young boys earnestly singing their hearts out and clearly enjoying it. The MyVoice program is an excellent idea. Then to top it off with Chor Leoni and Take 6 just made the evening extra special.

    —Ursula Schmelcher |
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  24. Chor Leoni’s inspiration to the young men of My Voice is without measure.

    They performed beautifully with enthusiasm and enormous talent given the time in which they had to learn.

    Seeing the faces of those young people last night, all aglow, was an experience to treasure.

    I did not see the connection of The Six to CL and in my view lessened the time to hear the Chor Leoni men perform alone.

    Many seemed to enjoy them.

    —Dorothy Chissson |
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  25. It was a fantastic evening! We had guests from out of town, they were thrilled with the choirs and the Take 6 group.
    So exciting to see young men being given the opportunity to learn that singing in a choir is a lot of fun. It was wonderful to see Erich Lichte enjoying the evening as well, what a great conductor, it would be a privilege to sing in his choir.
    Thank you to all!

    —Elfrieda Friesen |
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  26. The concert was outstanding! Wonderful to see and hear so many young men engaged in singing – so much talent – it bodes well for the future of groups like Chor Leoni. We would love to have heard a reprise of We Rise Again to finish the concert – such a beautiful piece with the mass choir – although He Never Failed Me Yet was also excellent.
    Thanks to everyone involved for all the work that went into such a memorable concert!

    —Linda & Bill Heese |
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  27. Once again VanMan surpasses our expectations! Another wonderful night with Chor Leoni. Thank you for all that you do to grow and inspire men to reach higher with all of their gifts. The evening was wonderful and very memorable.

    —Robert Parsons |
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  28. I took my nearly 12-year-old son to Saturday’s concert. It was a joyful ride from beginning to end. The My voice groups were fantastic, a particular shout out to the Surrey group whose spirit was so strong. The repertoire was terrific, and the performances were so musical and, well, flawless! I can’t believe I haven’t been to a VanMan summit concert before, but you can bet I will be back next year, and telling many others to go, too. – A VanMan Fan

    —Anita Zaenker |
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  29. fantastic concert. I was so moved by the young man and their performances, enthusiasm and beautiful music. This was such a pleasure to see young people be given a chance to shine and enjoy in their performances with all of us. Thank you!

    —Mira Keyes |
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  30. Because we no longer live in Vancouver, we had not heard Chor Leoni for some time. Saturday night’s concert was such a rich experience for us. Corey Payette is a stunning drummer and his many skills were completely enhanced by the CL drumming and singing. One could feel the synergy of healing energies in the theatre. Lucky are the boys/ men in the My Voice choral groups. Such fresh abilities that bring joy to the eyes and ears of those of us in the audience. Thank you all for a superb performance

    —Sylvia Ommanney and Stanley Shapiro |
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  31. The VanMan Summit performance left me breathless!! From the first selection “We will Rise” to the finale: I laughed, hooted, cried, and danced in my seat. Brilliant!!

    —Jan New |
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  32. I love to hear men’s voices and I enjoyed the variety of music. Very encouraging to see the young singers from the My Voices choirs perform with enthusiasm. I also appreciated the Children of God contribution and the Take 6 songs, but could have done without the microphones for those 2 parts… much too loud for my poor ears.

    —P.Smets |
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  33. Absolutely exquisite evening – the joy and excitement on the faces of the boys gave me hope for our world! Everyone in Vancouver should see this show – it is truly groundbreaking and mind blowing. Corey Payette and Children of God was a HUGE highlight. Very very moving. One question: there was a very strong evangelical Christian flavour with Take 6 and Chor Leoni’s choices – is this a new direction?

    —Sandra L |
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  34. Loved the entire evening – appreciated the change to fewer individual choirs and the addition of Corey Payette’s beautiful piece and Take Six.
    Our son absolutely looks forward to MYVoice starting each year and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for fostering an appreciation of choral music in young men. We will happily send a donation expressing our gratitude.

    —Cheryl |
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  35. Unfortunately I was unable to attend but gave my ticket to a friend. She was ecstatic about the concert.


    —Tessa wilson |
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  36. The day of the MyVoice and VanMan concerts is one of my favourite days of the year! These concerts are spectacular and moving. It is beautiful to hear the young men sing with the ChorLeoni choir in the evening.

    The MyVoice program is such a gift and we thank you for bringing more music and joy into the world through this outstanding education program.

    Take 6 was FANTASTIC and their upbeat energy left us with a music high!

    Raul and Isabeau |
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  37. The four of us are season’s ticket holders. That should say it all! However, even though we have been going to every concert for many years, Chor never fails to warm our hearts, inspire, amaze and sometimes tear up. Thank you to Eric Lichte for keeping the fires burning and continuing to turn up the heat. It was a real treat to see and hear Take 6 at the Q.E. theatre. This year’s Van Man/C4 performances were absolutely wonderful and it is so inspiring to hear all those beautiful voices singing together. Incredible! Thank you to each and every singer for a beautiful performance.

    —Colleen Tracy Torrison |
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  38. We pay a fair deal of lip service around here to multiculturalism, but this event is the real thing. And I’m not talking about indigenous drums. I got the distinct impression the MYVoice program manages to bridge teen subcultures, which is no mean feat. What a spectacular experience for these boys, social and musical, especially for the select few who get to sing with the featured guests. But does it qualify as enjoying myself if I’m sitting there for two hours stewing in envy?

    BTW: Loved the Poulenc. More of the like, please.

    —Tara |
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  39. The experience is one of the most memorable that I will always appreciate.
    Being a Welsh Canadian that appreciates male voice choirs; this was a very emotional experience (thankfully I had a stash of tissues on hand)

    Thank you so much.
    I also attended the Take 6 concert at the Queen Elizabeth and sincerely they return, especially to join the young men.

    —Eleri Parry |
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