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June 19 & 26, 2017

Combine fabulous tunes, the energy of the lions, a top-notch band, and a favourite Vancouver summer venue and you’ve got the effervescent recipe for MANELY/FUN, Chor Leoni’s popular season-closer at Bard on the Beach. Surprises, costumes and choreography complete the package as we pull out all the stops to ensure a fun time is had by all.

Monday June 19 | 2pm & 7:30pm
Monday June 26 | 2pm & 7:30pm

BMO Mainstage tent at Bard on the Beach
Vanier Park, Vancouver

Ian Farthing*, Director
Kim Charlene Smith*, Stage Manager

*The participation of these Artists are arranged by permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association under the provisions of the Dance•Opera•Theatre Policy.

Full Details

Monday June 19 | 2pm & 7:30pm
Monday June 26 | 2pm & 7:30pm

BMO Mainstage tent at Bard on the Beach
Vanier Park, Vancouver

Section A $45 | Section B $40 | Section C $35
Students with ID $20 (Matinées only) | 604.739.0559

TICKET UPDATE as of 10am June 26th: There is a good selection of seats at all price levels available for today’s 2pm matinee.

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  1. Great show as always.
    Highlight for me was song from Children of God.
    I saw the play and was again very moved by the emotions it created, the tears were there again.
    I missed everyone holding hands, which would have made it even more powerfull like in the play.
    Well done Chor Leoni for performing such an intensely moving song about our history.

    —Jenny Locke |
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  2. As always, Chor Leoni’s performance made me laugh, clap, and cry. The choreography is ever creative and fun, as are the costumes. I especially loved the piece from Children of God, and am very glad you got permission to perform it.

    What a great evening to spend, watching handsome men with gorgeous voices serenade me (and a few hundred of my close friends) in beautiful Vanier Park. I will definitely be at future Chor Leoni shows!

    —Shannon Enns |
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  3. This was truly another fantastic performance. There was a bit of everything. The Canadian content was particularly nice especially the Aboriginal song – so moving and so well done! Another great season ends with a bang. Thank you to each and every member of this extraordinary mens chorus.

    —darrell mahoney |
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  4. Another fun and excellent show from Chor Leoni at Bard! The choir and band were in terrific form! The selections showcased the fantastic talent in the ensemble and were very well executed! Don’t miss this show! These men are an inspiration to behold.

    —Craig Madill |
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  5. Great fun!
    I liked the addition of Red…she added an extra dimension especially in the Rasputin number.
    I did miss hearing a more serious selection where the harmony of the men’s voices would be the stand out feature.
    I did not enjoy the Arrangement of Misty.

    —Sandra Baker |
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  6. It was actually my first time attending Chor Leoni at the Bard on the Beach concert. As a high school choir teacher, I went there with a few students of mine. We all very enjoyed it. The choreography was impressive. One of the students asked me if we could come and watch it again next year. I think I’ll bring them every year. It was unfortunate that many of my singers could not come as this is the final exam week.

    —Mark B Yang |
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  7. Every event Chor Leoni is special! Last night was no exception.

    You made a new fan last night. My husband has never been interested in
    choirs. Last night he didn’t expect to enjoy the evening. He is smitten!

    We will tell everyone we know how much we enjoyed the evening and we wil
    be booking tickets for “two” for your future events. Thank you.

    —carole Jinks |
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  8. Usually I love your Bard shows, but not this one. The second half had too much new music, and I especially didn’t enjoy the new, way out there “Misty”. Lots of the singing and dance moves weren’t tight enough – not up to your usual standards. Noticeably sloppy.

    —Audrey Travis |
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  9. Manely Fun was just that! Great fun, wonderful program, thank you for a fantastic evening. Looking forward to attending more.

    —Laura Turner |
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  10. Wonderful event – loved the music, especially “Misty”.

    —Wendy Baker |
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  11. Again you folks never disappoint.
    What an excellent evening, and as Eric said, what an absolutely magnificent venue in which to preform!
    The mix of the music types was engaging and the addition of Red Heartbreaker’s voice was such a good match.
    Looking forward to season 2017-2018.

    —Lindy McQueen |
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  12. It was fantastic – nice mix of mellow and upbeat, fantastic choreography.

    Red Heartbreaker was good although not outstanding, but the ending made it look like it was her show with a back-up choir, rather than putting Chor Leoni as the main attraction.

    —Claudia |
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  13. Amazing talent! Amazing fun!! Loved every moment!

    —Jane |
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  14. What an amazing wonderful night of entertainment that was presented by Chor Leoni in Manley/Fun. My wife and I are always looking for musical entertainment when we travel. This performance became a must when I discovered it. It definitely ranks among the best we’ve seen.

    —Larry Sears |
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  15. It fantastic. I took my brother an his wife and children as his birthday present. My 9 year old niece said of the costumes in the last half “Auntie I did not see that coming”!

    —Carolyn Kirkwood |
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  16. Chor Leoni always exceeds our expectations, apart from their excellent singing, the show has lots of humour and is much fun. Great dancing and good songs. The performers are friendly and its wonderful how they make a point of interacting with the audience and hanging around at the end to wish us well. Vancouver needs more of this type of friendly entertainment! We look forward to seeing you again

    —maggie chandler |
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  17. What a great concert. The choristers and the audience all had a lot of fun. Red Heartbreaker was a great addition. Can’t wait for next year!

    —Sharon Walls |
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  18. Would not miss it! We thoroughly enjoy the toe-tapping rhythms,the crazy costumes, and the acrobatic feats of the amazingly fit guys! Do you all do calisthetics before each practice?
    There is magic in the ranks!
    As for the red head. She is wonderful!
    Stay in good voice!
    Pat Hudson

    —Pat Hudson |
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  19. A fun and fantastic evening as per usual. Your boys are ever so special, they are true icons of our city. Also enjoyed the addition of Red. A grandiloquent evening.

    5 out of 5

  20. it was wonderful – from cheeky to reverent. I was pleased that the piece representing Canada’s 150 was from Children of God. it was so appropriate to use a piece about First Nations, and the voices, harmonies, arrangement were moving.

    —cole dudley |
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  21. Great entertainment – well organized and professionally presented

    —Bill Sexsmith |
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  22. It was lovely having an afternoon of music. I was inspired.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t hear all the words. I love the music but now it is important for me to hear the words too. I’m 73 so my hearing may be going a bit and I believe that most of your audience was over 55 and may not hear so well. I think that clearer enunciation of the words plus a quieter accompaniment would help. The acapella songs were very easy to hear so I was pleased about that.

    —Sammana Rempel |
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  23. What an amazing show! I spent most of the timing laughing out loud at the humor, antics and showmanship. The singing was lovely and the incredible piece from Children of God took my breath away. Thank you for including an element of truth and reconciliation.

    —Rachel |
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  24. Excellent, as always.

    —Phil Friesen |
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  25. Chor Leoni Men’s Choir
    Absolutely fantastic show! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thank-you for all the hard work, fancy steps, and exceptional talents in this presentation. Wonderful music! Children of God was a highlight for me.

    —Val Dobie |
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  26. Wonderful presentation with costumes, steps and amazing music! Children of God was a highlight for me, but the playful side was very appreciated. I always consider this your “lighthearted” show of the year and enjoy the relaxed setting and high energy. Praises to all! Red was a fantastic addition!

    —Val Dobie |
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  27. I am always amazed at how much goes into the Bard shows! Thank you again for a fantastic, laugh-filled, musical interlude to bring life back into perspective.

    —Marianne Baccus |
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  28. I have been coming for years with several friends and this show has been the beginning of my summer fun. I just did not enjoy it as much as I have on previous occasions…can’t put my finger on it…just didn’t walk out on a high. I will be back and try again next year. I tell everyone that Chor Leoni is my favourite choir and that still stands.

    —Joanne Reimer |
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  29. As usual a wonderful evening of song. I especially enjoyed Gimikwenden Ina – so important and also moving and beautifully done.
    I found it hard to hear the words in Misty – somehow the acoustics weren’t great and perhaps you were too far back on the stage. Also people were looking down at their scores.
    Otherwise a great evening with a balance of both acknowledging the pain in the world and also the joy.
    We need you!

    —adrianne ross |
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  30. It was great to attend this years show. Loved the costumes and choice of songs were pretty good. Men standing on either side but not part of the dancing’s etc. Need to smile more. Fun event to attend. Keep it up.
    All the best for your Silver Anniversary next year,

    —Marilyn |
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  31. I regularly attend Chor Leoni Remembrance Day and Christmas events, but this is the first performance at the Bard site. What fun!

    I was very moved by Gimikwenden Ina and am thankful you sought and received permission to perform it. It is a beautiful effort towards reconciliation and seeing men from all different backgrounds so engaged in its performance goes a long way. Thank you

    —C. Roberts |
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  32. Campy, fun and not so over-the-top as last season’s finale. Very nice selection of music although the piano was a tad loud at times.

    Unfortunately we only get to see your end of the season performance each year – keep up the good work.

    —Clare Wallace |
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  33. This end of season concert is always the best possible showcase for the Lions’ ‘additional’ talents. Their training, discipline, and professionalism remain at the forefront, but in addition every year they act out, dress up, and dance up a storm. This year did not disappoint! From very moving moments, a great guest artist, and special arrangements, to talking heads, and disco, this concert was a winner through and through!

    —DSH |
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  34. i enjoyed the performance at Bard…. nice to see the extra talents these wonderful singers have and to witness the fun and comaradarie they have as a group. I have, for many years, attended Chor Leoni’s season performances as you are my favourite male choir, but am finding it harder to get to St. Andrew’s due to traffic and parking issues. Do you do any outreach programs in outlying communities like Surrey or Tsawwassen? If so, I and several of my friends would like to receive advance notices of those dates and how to buy tickets, specifically matinee performances.

    If you do not, I would like very much to see this idea considered and pursued in the very near future. I would seriously predict that there is a very good-sized audience out here!

    Thank you for helping to make Vancouver such a culture-rich place!!

    —Grace Hodgson |
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  35. Amongst the usual high-energy numbers there was one song which stood out. It moved me to tears and the hushed reverence in the tent was palpable.
    Gimikwenden Ina is possibly the most significant piece of music Chor Leoni has sung in the ten years I have been coming to see their concerts. I will certainly Remember.

    —Paul Hill |
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  36. Speaking for the four of us – The Manley event was fantastic. Aside from the entertainment factor, the choir musical efforts were excellent and it was especially rewarding to see the choir members having so much fun acting up!

    —Colleen Tracy Torrison |
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  37. Simply put, there is no other show in Vancouver like this – do NOT miss it! Exquisite singing, gorgeous costumes (those boots!!), great choreography, stunning backdrop and just a lot of guys having a lot of fun. The song choices were slightly weird this year, though…
    Always the kickoff to a great summer – please don’t change anything! I’ve attended every show for years and will be back with friends for many more years. Thank you, Lions!

    —Susanne |
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  38. There were 4 of us in our group and I have to say that we were disappointed in this years concert. The hi-lite for us was Gimikwenden Ina – it was exceptional!
    It was surprising to us that so much hand held music was being used which prevented the singers from interacting with the audience, or so we felt. Did not enjoy Misty at all.
    We will be back next year. It gives us so much pleasure to see these talented group of singers – it is clear to all that they are enjoying themselves as they entertain us.

  39. The evening was delightful! The voices are always rich and clear, but these evenings are always such fun since the men let loose and become actors on stage as well! Well done! Again.

    —Marsha Belanger |
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  40. This event is losing the choral quality you are known for. It was better than last year but still not the precise and evocative music of your usual performances. There is no longer a theme or inspiration.

    We won’t be doing this event again next year.

    —Bobbi |
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  41. As always, I LOVED Manley Fun! Thank you to everyone for making my heart sing this afternoon! I smiled, I laughed out loud and I tapped and clapped to the music! There were four pieces I hadn’t heard before and they enriched my listening experience this afternoon! Great program over all. Chor Leoni really does have waaaay too much fun performing Manley Fun for its audiences! Many thanks!

    —Barbara |
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  42. Stompa was fabulous and my favorite- Loved the hand choralogrphy and endless smiles radiating from the singers. What a genuine fun time. Can’t get the disco set out of my head, those red thigh boots were a show stealer. The men always have a great sense of pitch and perform a great show even on a short concert turnaround. A great way to kick off the summer.

    —Brian Robertson |
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  43. Thanks. Great music as usual; and how did you all learn those dance routines?

    —John Wade |
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  44. Another fabulous Mane Stage event. You are always upping you game. You outdid yourselves with your costumes and Choreography (particularly Stompa). As always the outstanding new arrangements. The sound was a bit off as the volume through the mics for the whole choir needed more presence (up the volume).

    —Robert Forbes |
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  45. Highly recommended for all ages. Loved the music, from sincerely touching and heartfelt to hilarious. Watching you all have so much fun is inspiring!

    —Thanks! |
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  46. Excellent show! Loved the choreography! The men all looked like they were having so much fun! Can’t wait until next year

    —Patricia Brady |
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  47. The show was fabulous! What a multitalented group! I was very moved by your tribute to the indigenous children who died in (or as a result of) residential schools. Thank you!

    —Margaret Lord |
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  48. This was your best Mane Stage ever. Thought ful and provoking…..and professionally done….you guys have been practising!
    Gimikwenden Ina was profoundly moving….thank you…and the ” cabaret” was brilliant!

    —Judith Ann Donaldson |
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  49. This show was amazing as always. I LOVED it! You all looked as if you were having such a good time doing it and there is some serious athletic talent in the Choir! WELL DONE and thank you!

    —Sue |
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  50. I went with four women friends all of whom have different tastes in music. Chor Leoni was a hit with everyone. We appreciated the mix of songs – broadway musicals, pop tunes, folk music. I had just seen Children of God in Ottawa so was especially moved by Gimikwenden Ina, and thrilled to have Corey Payette in the audience. I will be back when next in Vancouver

    —Sherry Moran |
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  51. JOY. Lots of joyful singing was coming from the lions and it was contagious. I thought the audience was particularly responsive and that ups the evening.The Gimikwenden Ina piece was incredibly moving, a cathartic experience for so many reasons. Kudos to Ian Farthing for giving a genuine heart-felt acknowledgement to First Nations people. Many, many other musical highlights for us and just a fab evening. Our group of five have our season tickets for next year!

    Ditto the comments on the mics and sound at times. We thought it was our particular location of seats! Slightly distracting but the over all performance was outstanding. We love our lions!

    —Suzanne |
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  52. What a terrific concert! The camaraderie amongst your members is palpable. The selection and diversity of music was totally entertaining. And the setting…wow!

    Your performance of the song from ‘Children of God’ was masterfuly done and incredibly moving!

    This was our first time at one of your concerts and we are hooked!

    Bravo gentlemen!

    —Pierre Soucy |
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  53. I would like to see less choreography, less costumes and more singing. It
    Was an overall good effort but not the best production.

    —John |
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  54. We have been going to this show for about 8 years now. We didn’t love this year’s concert like we have in the past. It was not as exciting and high energy like previous years. Also sorry to say but we we saw a few men mess up their dance moves. One person in particular did not stay in sync with the others for several dancing songs. I miss all the costumes of the past and the themes like boy bands etc. This year there were just too many slow songs, they were sung beautifully but boring. Bring back the themes and more costumes like the disco medley! That was the highlight of the night!!

    —Vancouvermom |
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  55. My first time attending a performance and I am fan. I have so much respect for this group of talented men that share their voices with the rest of us. I will definitely be attending more shows.

    —Shauna Theroux |
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  56. The first 1/2 was excellent. The second 1/2 was a bit “glitzy”
    Overall an exceptional afternoon of entertainment.

    —E.Trevor-Smith |
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  57. Great afternoon of entertainment

    —E.Trevor-Smith |
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  58. Absolutely fabulous. Couldn’t ask for a better afternoon, sunny, not too hot and the most entertaining afternoon. Loved the musical selections, the dancing and the smiles on everyone’s face. Thank YOU

    —Lois |
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  59. Great fun always. I still prefer your regular concerts from a musical point of view but this is a most enjoyable change. Lovely to see how everyone is enjoying themselves. All most versatile. Thanks.

    —Tessa |
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  60. A thoroughly entertaining, polished performance. I treated my husband for his birthday and he said it was one of the best presents he had ever received. We loved your Remembrance Day service last year, too, and will indeed be back for more.

    —Adrienne Arinobu |
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  61. As usual, Chor Leoni’s concert was delightful. We marvel every time we hear you at the complete package: fabulous music, with lots of variety; superb stage managing; imaginative and hilarious moves to go with the singing; creative and spectacular costumes; infectious joy that we as audience catch immediately. Thank you again.

    —Mary Al Lay |
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  62. Fun performance with so much energy, it was excellent and I will certainly be back for other concerts. Well done.

    On another issue,I would like to comment, that although I appreciated receiving the Bard brochure through the mail, I was very disappointed it came in a plastic bag! Little stickies over the edges to keep the pages together would have worked fine. Would love you to try and be a little more green, helping to reduce plastic used!! Thanks.

    —Imogen Hadfield |
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  63. I always enjoy your June concert. It is so much fun. The only song I didn’t enjoy was Misty. I didn’t like the arrangement. My favorite song was the one from Children of God. It was very powerful. The singing was superb! I enjoyed all the rest of the songs and performances. The costumes are always incredible.
    See you next June.

    —Sharon Moore |
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  64. It is a huge tribute to these crazy, astounding men that they closed the first half with Gimikwenden Ina, a very moving, meaningful and important indigenous work that the men executed with great sincerity and power, and then closed the second half with a side-splitting 70s disco medley, full of wild costumes (including a disco queen, tight leather dresses, Rasputin and red tall boots), beautiful and challenging choreography and all the familiar hits! These brilliant guys can do it all. Huge congratulations and thanks to everyone for another smashing show. Everyone that came with us loved it all, and we will be back next year for sure, with more future fans in tow!

    —Mark and Sandra |
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  65. Too cute, not enough musicality to carry my interest. The concert felt more like a circus act than a celebration of the human voice. Regrettably, I’m sending a thumb’s down, for this year end’s performance.

    —Mari Karch |
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  66. It was a great concert as usual. However, I really did prefer it when you did sets of “themed” songs – like a set from Africa, or from a particular musical. This one seemed a bit disjointed – didn’t really hang together.
    And please a couple more haunting, descanted songs with no band – you do those SO WELL!

    —Nichola Hall |
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  67. great show – as always!!

    —Linda |
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