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June 25 & July 2, 2018

The lions shake out their manes for a fabulous show at Vancouver’s favourite summer venue. Expect familiar tunes, mind-boggling choreography, over-the-top costumes, and a crackerjack band as
the lions close out their season with a wink and a roar. It’s not a concert – it’s the Mane Event!

Monday June 25, 2018 | 3pm & 8pm
Monday July 2, 2018 | 3pm & 8pm

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Monday June 25, 2018 | 3pm & 8pm
Monday July 2, 2018 | 3pm & 8pm

BMO Mainstage Tent at Bard on the Beach
Vanier Park, Vancouver

Section A $45 | Section B $40 | Section C $35
Students with ID $20 (Matinées only) | 604.739.0559 (phone orders Mon – Fri, 10am – 4pm)

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  1. Of course, the singing was of a standard that is second to none but the dancing in the show was so much fun that I was still smiling this morning.
    Favourite number: Wedding Qawwali

    —Brenda Hochachka |
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  2. Awesome!! Always a great show (love the location) and this year didn’t disappoint. Very uplifting.
    Favourite song: Gosh, I couldn’t choose! So many great ones!

    —Sue |
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  3. A great last hurrah at the Bard. Brilliant energy and fabulous pacing. Music was pretty fine, too.
    Favourite song: Me Too and The Brotherhood of Men. Wedding Qwalli was a close third.

    —Karen Leung |
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  4. Amazing as always. Can’t wait to attend another Chor Leoni performance!
    Favourite song: The Bollywood wedding

    —Sarah |
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  5. another wonderful concert!
    Favourite song: O Yo Yo & So in love/Tonight

    —B |
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  6. I usually attend the Christmas show so I wasn’t expecting the silliness but I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful singing, the incredible costumes and choreography AND the amusing antics! I’ll be back next year.
    Favourite Song: The Canadian section. To be honest, the entire performance was great!

    —Liz Gallant |
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  7. It was wonderful, as always. I’m very sorry that it was the last such program but I understand that you have only so much time.

    —Catherine Margaret Briscall |
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  8. Entertainers extraordinaire!! This show had it all….it brought tears to my eyes….it had me laughing….it had me on my feet. What a pleasure to see!!
    Favourite song: Can’t choose…..All so different….and loved them all! Gimikwenden Ima was incredible….it brought tears to my eyes.

    —Alison Sawers |
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  9. Wonderful, lots of variety in the programme.
    Favourite song: In Your Eyes

    —Barbara Crowther |
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  10. This was the most polished, honest and heartwarming Mane event that you have presented.
    Favourite song: Gimikwenden Ina

    —Judith Ann |
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  11. Lots of personality and a lot of fun.
    Favourite song: Musically – the First Nations piece that ended the first half, it was powerful and beautiful. Entertainment-wise: Me Too, the dancers were very animated and the stripping giraffes were amazing.

    —Colin Bell |
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  12. Fun, uplifting, beautiful music performed with joy.
    Favourite song: So many good ones. The First Nations song (don’t remember the name) was magical against the backdrop of the park, beach and sky.

    —Rita Jervis |
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  13. Loved every minute and I mean EVERY minute! Something so special about men singing together. The technicolour dreamcoat was gorgeous and the song so simple.
    Favourite song: The Indian one with all the bright scarves and Bollywood moves! Can’t beat the encore, either.

    —Joan Shaw |
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  14. As always, a delightful, light-hearted performance, with wonderful songs!
    Favourite song: I was Born This Way

    —Marianne Baccus |
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  15. It was fabulous! Like all Chor Leoni shows, I laughed, cried, sang and just plain had a joyous time. I always feel ‘better’ after I have heard these gifted men sing.
    Favourite Song: It’s hard to pick just one. The reckless abandon in Born this Way was hard to beat though

    —Deb Berto |
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  16. Outstanding diversity in musicality. Many moods created that demonstrate passion, vulnerability and skilful integration to produce the very best in a men’s choir.
    Favourite Song: The last one.

    —William Wood |
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  17. Tears rolling down my cheeks with the Cree children; the pure joy of Chicken Man; and the power to be whoever I am. What a night!
    Favourite song: Born to Express Yourself This Way

    —Tini Lattey |
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  18. I thought this show was great. I always enjoy the energy and humour at the shows as well as the exceptional singing. There is a wonderful connection with the audience at the concerts that reconfirms my belief that choral music should play an important part in our lives. What a joy to sing! Safe travels and good luck on your Asian trip.
    Favourite song: Two favourites! The Canadiana Medley and Into the West.

    —Valerie Simmons |
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  19. Fabulous! Love the Mane Event…always a fun night we look forward to!
    Favourite song: So hard to choose..but I have to say Gimikwenden Ina..SO moving!

    —Cathy Johnstone |
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  20. Refreshing, fun and very Canadian.
    Favourite song: The dancing.

    —Sherry |
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  21. Favourite song: The encore!

    —BrucJudy Echols |
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  22. Loved it.
    Favourite song: Born this way

    —Susan Mair |
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  23. Superb! The time just flies by.
    Favourite song: The lions strip show – it was hysterical

    —Carolyn Kirkwood |
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  24. A spellbinding musical and visual tapestry of nostalgia, wide emotional range, and so much goofy fun!
    Favourite song: The First Nations song from children of God

    —Gwyneth Bowen |
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  25. Loved it! So did my companion. This is our fourth year to Mane Event and we intended to keep coming forever, so sad it will not continue.
    Favourite song: Can I pick two? The one from Children of God; and Any Dream Will Do. Of hell, I liked it all and loved the toe-tapping ones.

    —Denise Goodkey |
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  26. I really liked the selection tonight. The choir was obviously enjoying it too.
    Favourite song: Into the West. I have sung this with my own choir and love the way Chor Leoni does it. The solo singer had a really lovely voice.

    —Irene Slater |
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  27. Favourite song: The Canadiana Medley – among my four favourite songs. I was only disappointed because you didn’t do all of the verses of all of them!

    —Lynn Ledgerwood |
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  28. The Mane Event was incredible, artistic, and happy. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole show from start to finish. Can’t get over how every one of you is always smiling, but the smiles are all different. Costume changes were clever, fun, funny and quite spectacular.
    Favourite song: Canadiana Medley

    —Glenora Doherty |
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  29. It was a great mix of old and NEW. Although the first half was very enjoyable – the voices and the choral choices – the second half was excellent – same voices with varying emphases and the hi-jinx were unexpected!
    Favourite song: The Little Black Fly. I haven’t heard it since I learned the words in 1956, while I was in northern Quebec!

    —Jim Hylands |
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  30. I absolutely love watching Chor Leoni on the Nane stage! It’s so much fun and so much energy. My favourite show every year!
    Favourite song: Me too and can’t stop this feeling

    —Christina |
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  31. Favourite song: Canadian folk songs, Rise Again, 1st act closer

    —John Culter |
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  32. Loved the show, always a great way to usher in summer. I am sorry that this was the last Bard show as always such a fun evening with so much laughter and wonderful music.
    Favourite song: We Rise Again – wonderful wat to end your last show at the Bard

    —Ron Bergeron |
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  33. Really fun evening of song and “dance”. Good variety of styles on the program, creative costumes, lots of energy.
    Favourite song: Born to Express Yourself This Way and encore.

    —Louise |
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  34. Excellent – really enjoyed it.

    —Gillian Seager |
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  35. Loved it
    Favourite song: The finale

    —Linda Mamer |
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  36. I thought that it was fabulous as ever. So sorry you are cutting it out of your programme. It is a very popular show.
    Favourite song: I loved the Gimikwenden Ina and of course the finale We shall rise.

    —Judith Parkes |
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  37. A joy to attend.
    Favourite song: The Canadiana medley

    —Mary Stewart |
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  38. My wife & I both thought that the 1st part was superior
    Favourite song: The Canadian group

    —Edward Trevor-Smith |
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  39. I loved it! I had a smile on my face the whole time.
    Favourite song: Me Too

    —Liz Reinigerme |
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  40. We have been attending for years. This one was particularly special because it was your last. Such talent, such humour and such versatility. My toes were tapping and my fingers snapping with a little quiet singing along too! Thank-you!

    —Patricia Hudson |
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  41. So much fun – a pleasure to listen and watch the obvious enthusiasm of your singers as they cavorted on stage. (Face hurts from laughing at the dancing giraffes-in-underpants.)
    Favourite song:Wedding Qawwali (and Into the West)

    —Bruce Hoffman |
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  42. Wonderful and inspiring
    Favourite song: All

    —Elisabeth Anna Willan |
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  43. Fabulous! The show flowed nicely while demonstrating Chor Leoni’s versatility. We have attended almost every Chor Leoni at the Bard show with two life-long friends. The occasion will be sorely missed.
    Favourite song: Gimikwenden Ina

    —Donald Blake |
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  44. Front row seats are not great. Choice of music was excellent.
    Favourite song: Into the West & O Yo Yo

    —Frank |
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  46. Our 4th Year to attend the show and wonderful as ever! Wishing you a wonderful trip to Asia. Hopefully you will bring home the prizes. Safe travels.
    Favourite song: So in Love Tonight

    —Lillian Polay |
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  47. As enjoyable as I expected
    Favourite song: Gimikwenden Ina

    —John Rawsthorne |
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  48. Fabulous Choreography! Amazing singing! Fantastic costumes! Musicians are incredible! Overall an unbelievable show. Love every second.
    Favourite song: Very hard to pick a favourite… Four Strong Winds

    —Leslie Coley-Donohueson |
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  49. It was very well balanced and articulated, costumes and choreography worked particularly well, and the singing was – as usual – exceptional
    Favourite song: Gimikwenden Ina and Born to express yourself, in different ways of course

    —Christine |
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  50. The whole show was amazing and fabulous entertainment. I particularly appreciated your numbers about first nations and the gay and lesbian community. Choreography, costumes and the show numbers generally were a tribute to the numerous rehearsals you must have put in. Thanks a million to all of Chor Leoni.
    Favourite song: The lions dance.

    —Ray James Bradbury |
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  51. The show was fantastic, fun and a great mix of music. Your joy of singing shines through and made my weekend. Thank you.
    Favourite song: The song from the First Nation’s play was very moving.

    —Margaret Lloyd |
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  52. A +++.
    Favourite song: Keith singing the Peter Gabriel “In Your Eyes”

    —Sandra |
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  53. This show is always a highlight of my summer. The obvious comradeship of the men is inspiring. Too bad you are leaving the Bard venue. Best of luck in Asia
    Favourite song: Born to ExpressYourself This Way

    —Sandra Heath |
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  54. Loved it. Everyone looked they were having such fun
    Favourite song: The last one in the first section

    —Kathy Murphy |
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  55. Excellent as always! I enjoy the energy, enthusiasm, camaraderie & the quality of the singing!
    Favourite Song: Canadiana Medley

    —Marilyn Shore |
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  56. As usual, great entertainment, wonderful harmonies, a totally fun show. Liked the Canadian cultural content which will be seen on their tour????
    Favourite song: In Your Eyes

    —Wendy MacKinlay |
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  57. It was fantastic – it always is.
    Favourite song: Four Strong Winds/Born to Express Yourself

    —Susan Beechey |
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  58. Favourite song: Still love the one from Children of God, also the one from Joseph….. Born This Way was soooo much fun! The sing-along was hard for those of us who aren’t confident singers.

    —Chris Spencer |
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  59. I was baffled by the 2nd half. Did we come to see a Gay Parade. The dark corners of sober singers seemed to be removed from the costumed “actors”. The summer camp skit costumes and dancing surprised and appalled my expectations of Chor Leoni’s superb standard of choral music. The ” mane” event had little to do with lions, more ” pussycats”.
    Favourite song: Gimikwenden ina

    —Barbara Atkinson |
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  60. The energy was as compelling as the singing. What a great show!
    Favourite song: Brown Eyed Girl

    —Judy Morrison |
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    Favourite song: I think the last act with all the crazy get-ups. You guy are just great so it’s hard to pick a favourite.

    —Virginia Rovers |
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  62. Loved it. Especially Byron. So sad that this is the last year.
    Favourite song: We rise again

    —Karen |
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  63. Wonderful.
    Favourite song: Into the West

    —Leigh Durland |
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  64. Fantastic! As always!!
    Favourite song: Gimikwenden Ina

    —Sanda |
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  65. The choir and band were excellent as always. I did not like the costumes except for the t-shirts for I WAS BORN THIS WAY. It was a lot of fun!
    Favourite song: Keith Sinclair’s number

    —Hilary Clay |
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  66. Great sense of fun, great choreography. Choices uniformly modern – too few older selections given an older audience. Toward the end, a bit over-the-top swishy – my very straight partner did not enjoy the later numbers/costumes. Encore Rise Again was a much-appreciated relief with the power and vocal range of the full Chor.
    Favourite song: Four Strong Winds – beautiful harmony – the sentiment brings tears.

    —Jean Donaldson |
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  67. As a performing musician I often find it difficult to just sit back and enjoy a performance by others. I’m my own worst enemy in that I’m far too critical. Medical issues have kept me off the stage for almost three years, and even listening to music imposes physical consequences on my body. Today I am not functionally well. But it was all worth it for the absolute FUN and enjoyment…with nary a critical thought swirling in my brain…that I had last night. I remarked to my husband on the way home that I had just had the best time, and I realized I had smiled all the way through. Such a gift to me. Thank you, Lions!!
    Favourite song: They were all fantastic. But the one song that spoke deeply to me was ‘Gimikwenden Ina’. I could recognize the words in the Native tongue that corresponded with the English text and I was moved by the immediate reality that we are all the same. How tragic it would be for me to not remember from when I came. How much more so to have been ripped away from your family. It was a very emotional song. Thank you for presenting it.

    —Crystal McGowan |
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  68. The guys tried to lift off the stage at one point, but it was gravity, not enthusiasm, that let them down. If pep and cheer had horsepower they would have been gone!
    Favourite song: Rise again. (But we had just lost my dad, and the song was so hopeful and resonated so well).

    —Carol |
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  69. We thoroughly enjoyed the “Mane Event” on Monday June 25th. Erick has done what was nearly impossible, to take Diane’s dream to the next level, building upon the strong foundation of musicology, presentation and relationships (within the choir and with the community) and taking it to the next level of musical sophistication, while still maintaining that wonderful rapport between “our” choir and the audience. We’ve already renewed our seasons’ tickets and have brought 2 friends along with the same package. So looking forward to hearing of your successes in Singapore and Bali.
    Favourite song: Brotherhood and the song from Children of God

    —Susan Johnsen |
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  70. What a wonderful show full of variety, energy and amazing choreography.
    Favourite song:Try everything and Born to express yourself this way.

    —Shirley Davey |
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  71. I thought it lacked lustre compared to other shows but it was still entertaining.
    Favourite song: Wedding Qawwali

    —Sharon Dagenais |
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  72. Incredible. A wonderful combination of serious and funny.
    Favourite song: Gimikwenden Ina

    —Valerie Williams |
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  73. The show was delightful! Great combination of lovely old and new works, some of them very moving, and campy fun.
    Favourite song: Too many to choose just one but, if I must, I would say “Ahead by a Century”. I also loved that you closed with my all-time fave, “We Rise Again”.

    —Marion Shaw |
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  74. Spectacular! The choreography is absolutely stunning! I plan to come and watch the Mane Show every year.
    Favourite song: the one with the naked giraffe dance

    —Mark Yang |
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  75. I prefer more serious pieces which show off your voices as a choir. I didn’t appreciate some of the dance numbers because they took away too much of the singing.
    Favourite song: French Canadian pieces

    —Mary Hamm |
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  76. My husband and I are big fans. So delighted to hear that you are representing Canada in Singapore. Love the choices of music you choose. How about a few Beatle songs thrown in once in a while?
    Favourite song: Gimikwenden Ina and Wedding Quwwali.

    —Michele Maybury |
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  77. Wonderful and the harmony is so great. Husband not too keen on the last two numbers!
    Favourite song: In Your Eyes

    —Catharine Chesterton |
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  78. We enjoyed the overall level of entertainment and diverse musicals.
    Favourite song: Wedding Qawwali

    —Bill Denault |
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  79. We roared!
    Favourite song: The Tragically Hip song

    —Linda |
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  80. Always lots of fun, over the top costumes.
    Favourite song: I don’t have my program but the song from “Children of God”

    —Carol |
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  81. Fantastic, each season is better than the last, you are the best, you will win in Singapore unless they put you in jail for that last number, tehee
    Favourite song: Your last commemorative number made us both laugh and cry at once

    —Mitch and Anne Taylor |
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  82. Enjoyed the fun and exuberance added to the great voices
    Favourite song: many of them

    —Eric Reid |
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  83. Thank you, Lions for a fabulous evening. You guys rocked from the very beginning to the very last note. Lots of sparkle and joy broadcast to your audience as well as wonderful vocal talent and choral harmony. You continue to be a special jewel in the musical scene.
    Favourite song: Hard to choose. Loved the opening. The Set such an upbeat and fabulous musical anticipation for the evening. The Corey Payette was very moving.

    —Suzanne Starr |
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  84. Spectacular and electrifying, each song captivated whether it was from goosebumps, tears or laughter that reaches your toes… the Lions never disappoint, and Mane Event is no exception!

    —Tara Doherty |
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  85. Attended the last Mane stage performance on July 2 and enjoyed every moment! Not only do the Lions sing beautifully, but their personalities radiate far into the audience. It’s a mutually appreciative performance in so many ways. Russell’s version of the Corey Payette song was outstanding. And “Born this Way” – please continue to celebrate your/our wonderful diversity. It’s a message of hope and inclusion and we need to hear it as often as possible. I’ll miss the Bard event but look forward to the many other offerings in store for us. Best of luck with your upcoming competition.

    —Tracey Wimperly |
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  86. I was originally meant to be out of town for both shows and am so pleased my plans fell through. What a pleasant way to spend a summer afternoon; the energy onstage filled me with general goodwill towards my fellow man. I stand in awe of all the work you guys put in ahead of your important date in Singapore.
    Engagingly eclectic mix overall; definite favs were the verbal workout of Trinque L’amourette and Keith’s dulcet rendition/arrangment of Peter Gabriel.

    And the magic of the performance has left me with an irrepressible longing to share a long, emerald green scarf.

    —Tara |
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