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The Dream We Carry

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April 18 & 19, 2015

The poetry of Leonard Cohen and the music of choral superstar Ēriks Ešenvalds meet in the premiere of the first commission funded by the Diane Loomer Commissioning Fund. The Dream We Carry is a joyous celebration of new music, including premieres of commissioned works by Canadian composers Imant Raminsh, Jocelyn Morlock, and Rodney Sharman, alongside Tormis and more.  Uplifting, beautiful, and current – come dream with us!

We are pleased to welcome the PROMYS Honour Choir, who will perform selected works with Chor Leoni. This year’s PROMYS Honour Choir is augmented by the young men of Portland’s Tsunami Choir, which is a component of the Pacific Youth Choir.

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Saturday April 18, 2015 | 7:30pm
St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church
1022 Nelson St at Burrard, Vancouver

Sunday April 19, 2015 | 2pm
West Vancouver United Church
2062 Esquimalt Ave, West Vancouver

$30 adults & seniors | $10 students [w/ID] + service charges

Tickets available through TicketsTonight 604.684.2787 ext 2
Please note that ordering online and printing your tickets at home is the cheapest method of purchase.

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  1. As usual, very enjoyable. Eclectic program. Thank you.

    —Tessa wilson |
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  2. Once more, another excellent concert! We are looking forward to the June event!

    —Walter and Jean Badun |
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  3. How does one honour one perfect evening? Chor Leoni continues to push the boundaries and opens paths of creativity and community in music that will be choristers’ benchmark for years to come. “The Dream We Carry” was one of the most magnificent evenings — with both the “old guard” and the “new guard” sharing the joys of their music making, encompassing passion, excitement and friendship in remarkable ways. If you have a chance GO!! They are repeating their special The Dream We Carry tomorrow at West Vancouver United Church at 2:00 p.m. Be prepared to be utterly amazed at the collaboration and creativity shared between three amazing choirs. The incredible music by Imant Raminsh, Eriks Esenvalds, Rodney Sharman, Paul Mealor, Jocelyn Morlock and Bruce Sled will make you realize that music in Canada is in great hands! Thank you to Erick Lichte and the wonderful humanity that is Chor Leoni!

    Monika Forberger |
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  4. The concert was wonderful. The singing, the atmosphere, the pieces chosen made for an evening of relaxation and interest. The girls choir was enlightening, they sang lovely pieces. The mix of boys and girls choirs sounded as though they work together all the time! We were very impressed with the entire evening.

    —Katherine Wolter |
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  5. Utterly delightful concert. Unbelievable that all that creativity in composition was done in the last 6-12 months. Lush beautiful sound and the instruments, including the wine glasses and whistling added a whole new dimension to it. Keep up the great work.

    —Mary thomas |
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  6. What a fabulous afternoon of primarily new music. I particularly loved the two pieces by Ericks Esenvalds. They were ravishingly beautiful. I also loved Letter from a Girl to the World, with personal messages from many of the girls, and the song about forgetfulness. All in all a wonderful concert by my favourite choir, Chor Leoni, and some of their friends. Thanks for such a memorable concert.

    —Brenda Benham |
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  7. Absolutely an amazing afternoon. The Wandering Heart was fabulous and the song about forgetfulness so poinient. The words in Letter from a girl could be true for anyone at any age. Well I could go,on and on about each piece they were all marvellous. Spending time with Chor Leoni is time that enriches your soul. Very impressed as always!

    —Lois |
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  8. You gave us a magical afternoon, so sumptuous a sound & so cleverly designed with the young folks interspersed. The privilege of hearing these important new works was really something on a perfect Sunday afternoon & I can’t say that there was a favourite because they were all so transporting. I was left however with the haunting sadness of the last of the Leonard Cohen “The Road is too Long” I spend a couple of hours most days with my 100 year old Mother who lives in care & I can say for certain that the road is too long. The work Erick Lichte has dared to produce this season has emotional depth & accuracy rarely seen in the theatre, never mind Choral work. I was always delighted with Chor Leoni’s work, but now I wouldn’t miss a concert. Thank you for your daring & your excellence.

    —Donna D. Peerless |
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  9. sublime concert, this was a birthday gift for a friend and made us both happy


    —eileen hendry |
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  10. The concert on Sat. April 18 was truly outstanding. I found the mix of the pieces and the groups delightful. And, to have some of the composers and writers at the performance really added to the evening’s electricity. The beautiful tone of the glasses melded so magically with the voices. Bravo!!

    —sharon |
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  11. Hi Great singing as usual and always a pleasure to be in the audience. After two performances featuring “youth choirs” in the past few weeks, I am ready for an all Chor Leoni event. I realize that the focus Saturday night was the presentation of new choral pieces. I think some talk from the podium is appropriate but the music can speak for itself . Too much personalized information tends to shift the focus away from the music and leads the listener into the what might be called a “head Space”. For what it is worth – one persons opinion. Naomi

    —naomi hanson |
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  12. The performance was inspiring and delightful (those two adjectives can go together for a performance, can’t they?!). Eriks two compositions were so innovative and beautifully sung. The additions of Promys and the girl’s choir was a bonus. It is wonderful to hear such talented young people and know they are being encouraged to continue a rewarding pursuit.

    Thank you for sharing your talents and hard work!

    —Kitty Chase |
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  13. Artistically, melodically and majestically beautiful. Thoroughly enjoyed.

    —LaVonne Khayyat and grandson Elias age 15 |
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