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April 7, 8, & 9, 2017

Chor Leoni’s upcoming BC/BALTICA program takes inspiration from the long tradition of excellent Baltic and Scandinavian men’s choirs, and the amazing compositions written for them. These upcoming concerts will explore this rich treasure-trove, and highlight the winners of the choir’s recent C/4 – Canadian Choral Composition Competition.

A Baltics-focused concert would be incomplete without the music of the great Estonian composer Veljo Tormis, who died in January. Chor Leoni’s Artistic Director Erick Lichte says,“His voice was full of longing, of hope, of grace, of challenge, and humour. We are thrilled to present three of his fantastic works for male choir.”

The lighter side of this repertoire is represented by Edvard Grieg’s settings of Kvalings Halling; traditional folk tunes set to nonsense syllables, and Jaakko Mäntyjärvi’s Grim and Glacial Funeral Waltzes, which are neither grim nor glacial, but do include a fragment of the oldest preserved piece in the history of European music.

Organist Ellen Wang joins the choir and will be showcased in two works, including jazz organist/composer Gunnar Idenstam’s Oh Kristus valgus oled sa. Idenstam begins this ancient Estonian hymn over a jazz-inflected pedal line, and then adds vocal colour and keyboard ornamentation as the piece grows to a thunderous conclusion.

Lyrical, powerful, playful, and humorous, BC/BALTICA will be an evening of brilliant choral music you don’t want to miss. Purchase tickets now.

Full Details

Friday April 7, 2017 | 8pm
Saturday April 8, 2017 8pm
Ryerson United Church
2195 W45 Ave, Vancouver

Sunday April 9, 2017 | 4:30pm
West Vancouver United Church
2062 Esquimalt Ave, West Vancouver

Section A $40 | Section B $35 | Section C $30 | Student with ID $10 (inclusive of fees) All seats reserved. (Student rate only available for B or C tickets)
TicketsTonight.ca | 1.877.840.0457

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  1. As usual, I was so impressed with your musicality and choices for presentation. I had heard some of them because I was at C4 Competition in the Annex (nice venue!). You always blow me away!
    Being a senior on my own, I was a little nervous about driving myself to the unknown venue at the Ryerson church and parking was a worry, but it worked out ok in the end.
    TO DATE, I have not received my tickets mailed out as promised from Chan Centre for the Van Man Summit on Sun 22. I do hope that is the program where you sing with Chanticleer!
    Cheers! Pam

    —Pamela GEORGE |
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  2. Great concert as usual!!!

    —C McKee |
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  3. Great concert. the attentiveness of all the choir members or the vast majority of them was super. The Blend was beautiful, as were the solo voices. Great idea to have the winners of a writing/composition/Canadian selection sung. The inclusion of a bit of percussion for the one number was a nice touch — and the organ accompaniment was spectacular for the one number. The piano playing was excellent as usual.
    I could do with a little less talk between numbers.

    —Donelda Parker |
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  4. As I said to Bruce as we left, you guys never disappoint! The singing was spectacular. And it was a treat to hear them go full out fff once in a while – they have such power! I was a bit dubious about a program that was all new (to me, at any rate) music, and I did miss a little hearing something familiar, but the quality of the singing certainly made up for that.

    I agree with Donelda – a liiiiitle less chatter between numbers would be aceptible.

    —Irene Slater |
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  5. what can one say except ‘another awesome performance’
    it is very difficult for a choral group to sound like a
    single voice – yet chor leoni does it with ease

    ps is it possible to have the name of each singer on the picture?
    just enquiring

    —kw |
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  6. I think the “chatter” between songs adds valuable perspective to the pieces – I am very impressed with Erick Lichte’s depth of knowledge about music and it “adds value” for me. His passion for music and the choir are obvious.

    —Carol |
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  7. Great concert. Quite enjoyed the piece with Leonard Cohen;s poem, the last piece with the organ and the one with the ringing forks. I believe they were forks. So much was very unique.

    —Len Wilkinson |
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  8. Breathtaking!!

    Tara Doherty |
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  9. As always another unique performance. Although nothing one knew, the expressive in this variety of music was so descriptive. I really enjoyed it all, despite my avowed Statement I don’t normally like Scandinavian music as I find it “cold and thin”‘ appropriately. Diction seemed incredible to me even tho I don’t know any of these Northern languages. Well done again, Lions.


    —Tessa wilson |
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  10. Unbelievably gorgeous concert – the men are getting vastly better, and they were already amazing! Incredibly rich, deep, complex and satisfying music, sung seemingly effortlessly and confidently. However, I too feel there is too much talking – while interesting, it really takes away from the flow of the concert and the ability to just let the music wash over the audience and envelop us in beauty and perfection. Perhaps a few brief well-chosen words every 3-4 songs?

    —Linda |
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  11. O, Pride of Lions, led by your brilliant Maestro,
    With Baltica you delighted our minds
    with the playful sounds of its music,

    Filled our hearts with the enchantment of its beauty,
    And strengthened our souls with its resonating power.

    But, with “Twelve O’clock Chant”, the loveliness of which
    Increases with each and every time it is sung by you,

    I will forever remember Erick’s words that
    In this present uncertain and unsettling world of ours

    This extraordinary piece of music and poetry
    Reinforces our knowledge that what truly matters is the

    Enduring power, comfort, beauty and faith of music and love.

    O, Choir of Lions, in the hands of your brilliant Maestro,
    We thank you for your gift, a gift beyond all words, and we,

    Those privileged to watch and listen to the fruits of your hours of perfecting,
    We can only hope that you felt and heard

    The warmth and sincerity of our gratitude and, yes, our love.

    – Val

    —Val Ludlow |
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  12. The concert was beautiful. Certainly a different choice of compositions which in itself is a delight to the ear. Twelve O’clock Chant leaves me speechless. I do have the CD yet, it’s beauty is magical.
    A big thank you to the members of Chor Leoni for coming out to the back of the church/lobby, etc and being there to great your patrons. I think that is an added personal touch.

    —Jaqui Joys |
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  13. As always, the concert was a pleasure and a joy. The sounds were fresh and new and exhilarating, and everything done with great precision and polish. Chor Leoni lived up to its well deserved reputation yet again, and I was uplifted and moved by the performance. Thank you.

    —Laura Krown |
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  14. Thank you for the beautiful and skillful variety of pieces sung – magnificent! Truly a joy for both my mom and I to share together. It has always been a dream of my mom Joan to have Goin’ Home sung by Chor Leoni at her memorial one day. Andrea Laing

    —Andrea Laing |
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