Welcome to the home of Chor Leoni Inside,  our livestream program on Facebook and YouTube that features concert and tour videos, live commentary from Erick, collaborations with renowned local artists, and interviews with music stars from around the world.

Chor Leoni Inside is a virtual viewing party where you’re free to chat with choir members and viewers in the YouTube comments, or just relax and enjoy the show. Our first season of thirteen time-sensitive episodes was generously sponsored by BlueShore Financial and concluded on June 25th.

Programming will resume on every second Tuesday once production resumes in September. Come and be inside with us, together in September.

Chor Leoni Inside | Resuming September 15th @ 7:pm PST


Chor Leoni Further Inside is the companion series of in-depth interviews where Erick and his musical guest do a deep dive on a particular musical topic. They are available as a YouTube playlist here.