Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body of Chor Leoni. It consists of twelve directors, six required to be members of the choir, six required not to be members. Two directors of each type (four in all) are elected for three-year terms at each AGM of the membership. 

Among other tasks, the Board:

  • supports the choir’s mission and purposes
  • ensures effective planning and determines major policies
  • ensures adequate financial resources and manages them responsibly
  • maintains effective and productive relations with members of the choir
  • enhances the choir’s profile locally, nationally and internationally

2015/16 Board Members

Chair: James Emery
Vice-Chair: Rick Bennett
Treasurer: Marni Johnson
Secretary: Rod Locke
Members at Large: James Carter, Leanne Denis, John Geddes, Fred Lee, Peter Joosten, Masato Oki, Patricia Penner

Our Vision

To be an inspiring and engaging organization that enriches and transforms people’s lives through music.

Our Mission

Chor Leoni is dedicated to the creation, promotion and presentation of male choral music. We have a passionate commitment to the development of repertoire, training of artists, and advancement of the choral art form. We are champions of Canadian culture at home and abroad. Sharing our music through live performances and recorded media, we create transformative experiences for our participants and our audiences.

Our Values

We thrive on the joy of making and sharing music. We embrace courage and innovation. We believe in strong connections with our communities. We foster an environment of diversity, inclusiveness, excellence and respect.