MYVoice a Parenting Win

by Fernanda Gimenez

Gaston Gimenez in his MYVoice tshirtParenting involves a lot of research and guess work. And once in a while, one nails it on the head: That was Gaston’s experience his first time at MYVoice. It took a lot of convincing – although Gaston was in the school band and taking piano lessons, the idea of joining a choir was not quite the synonym of “fun” for this 12-year old. We agreed on “giving it a try,” and after the first session with Les Nerling as his conductor, Gaston was hooked.

“This is beyond fun: this is amazing! Did you know I am a treble?” was his first comment, beaming with excitement.

At MYVoice, Gaston learned a lot more than singing: He learned discipline, commitment to oneself and others – it turns out, trebles are important and have to work together – and attention to detail. From getting the right note and breathing correctly, to holding the music binder on the correct side, Gaston was introduced to a world completely new to him: Singing as a group of young men, with passion and dedication.

The VanMan Summit Concert at the Chan Center was an experience we will never forget. My child was singing amongst the best, 400 voices enveloping us with a sense of both wonder and amazement. He was being part of something that words can’t describe.

After the long day was over and we were heading home, Gaston’s comment was honest and simple: “I can’t stop smiling”.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Chor Leoni for this amazing program. Gaston will be back next year, although he hopes he will make it to tenor next time around.

MYVoice registration is now open for our exciting 10-week program for guys age 12-20. Weekly rehearsals start in January 2018. The full schedule and online registration may be found here.






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