A parent’s view of MYVoice

by Karen Leung

Karen and Douglas Leung.

Karen and Douglas Leung. Douglas sang with MYVoice and PROMYS before auditioning successfully for Chor Leoni.

“Five years ago, when my son Douglas was in grade ten, he was unable to take choir because of course conflicts. His school’s choir teacher suggested he join MYVoice and the result was remarkable. Douglas was not having a particularly good year, but the opportunity to pursue his passion with a group of like-minded young men gave the rest of his academic year focus and purpose.

The following year Douglas sang in three school choirs; however, he rejoined MYVoice as much for the camaraderie and culture as for the singing. He continued with MYVoice and, later, the PROMYS honour choirs, until last year when he successfully auditioned for the Chor Leoni Men’s Choir. He has just completed his first season with the Lions and looks forward to many more.

If you ever wonder about the value of MYVoice, please know that for one young man it has made a life-altering difference.”

We’re thrilled to have Douglas singing with us! While not every MYVoice singer will become a lion, we know that every young man takes the skills he learns at MYVoice back to wherever he sings. MYVoice is focused on providing a fun place for guys to sing together in an all-male ensemble. It’s 100% free, requires a relatively short commitment (10 weekly rehearsals plus final VanMan Male Choral Summit weekend),  happens outside of school hours, and doesn’t require any previous musical experience.

MYVoice registration is now open! Click here to register.

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