New lions for a new season

New choir members

Our new lions (L-R): Terrence, Shinil, Travis, Bryn, Dean. Welcome, guys!

We have new lions in the pride! We’ve asked them to share a bit about themselves, including their favourite moment or impression from our first rehearsal. As befit the lions, their observations range from the poetic to the philosophical.


Bryn is a satellite systems engineer with a background in astrophysics, and he’s already connected with our resident astronomer, Derek. He found the first rehearsal “warming from the welcome embrace into the community, yet simultaneously chilling from the beauty of the talented voices raised together in song.”

Medical librarian Dean works at UBC. He says that what he most loved about rehearsal was “singing with the guys and listening to Erick.”


Shinil sang with the Vancouver Bach Choir for many years and is a notary public. We also think he may be a bit of a poet, as his reaction to our first rehearsal was “A dream is here.”

Terrence says that our first rehearsal brought him back to why he enjoys music. When he isn’t singing he works at Amazon as a powered industrial truck operator.

Travis joins us from our brother choir, Primus: Amabile Men’s Choir of London, Ontario. A science teacher, Travis says, “There’s this one song, Earth Song by Ticheli, I sang with my old university choir. It was the last song I ever sang with them and in it, we sang: “But music and singing, have been my refuge, And music, and singing, shall be my light.” I’ve been searching for a choral group that gives life to those words since the last time I sang it, and I don’t know if it has to do with my move from Toronto, missing friends, and missing family, but after our first rehearsal I kept thinking about those words the whole way home.”

Please help us welcome them into the Chor Leoni family by saying hi to them after our next concert!

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