Purchase the Official Diane Loomer Rose

Chor Leoni is thrilled to announce the new Diane Loomer Rose, developed by internationally renowned rose hybridizer Brad Jalbert of Langley’s Select Roses. Introduced and first sold at our recent At Home fundraiser, we have only 14 plants available from this initial offering.

The Diane Loomer RoseNamed in honour of Chor Leoni’s founder,  The Diane Loomer Rose is a blend of tropical sunset colours and has a classic hybrid tea  rose bud which opens to a full, nostalgic European-style rose. It is a stunning bloom topped off with a fragrance full of citrus, vanilla, and tea notes. The rose is simply beautiful and elegant in all stages, from bud to full bloom, and is the fastest blooming cultivar of any of Brad’s hybrid teas. It is extremely disease-resistant. Perfect for any sunny garden, it will also grow in a large container such as a half wine barrel.

Order yours now for delivery in the Spring of 2017. We will arrange a pick up date at the parking lot of the Unitarian Church  (Oak St & 49th  Ave) on a Saturday in April 2017, and your Diane Loomer Rose will arrive potted up and ready to be transplanted into your garden. (We’ll contact you by email in plenty of time.) Any rose bushes not claimed that day need to be picked up in person at Select Roses in Langley.

Because of these delivery arrangements we are only able to make this offer to local purchasers.



COST: $100 per rose bush (includes)
$ 65.00 Tax-receiptable donation
$31.25   Diane Loomer Rose
$1.56     5% GST
$2.19     7% PST

Diane Loomer Rose

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  • Please note: This offer only available to local residents who can pick up their rose in person. Your address and further information will be requested at check out.
  • Price: $ 100.00 CAD Quantity:


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  1. This sounds like a beautiful rose. You did not say, however, how resistant it is to disease.

    —Kasandra Sproson |
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  2. Hi Kasandra,
    All of Brad’s roses from Select Roses are very disease resistant.

    —Bruce Hoffman |
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