Chor Leoni Idol reaches fundraising goal

Chor Leoni Idol contestants exceed fundraising goalThis past Sunday evening saw a high-spirited crowd gather for our third annual Chor Leoni Idol. They weren’t disappointed as our contestants pulled out all the stops to entertain and one-up each other.

Thank you to our contestants Barry Honda, Ben Scoten, Byron Hanson, Corey and Noel Hollett (with a cameo by Ken Hollett), James Carter, Kyle Harland, and Keith Sinclair for their outstanding efforts, and thanks to our panel of celebrity judges, Gloria Macarenko, Rick Cluff, and Fred Lee for their fun commentary.

Chor Leoni Idol 2016 champion, Keith Sinclair.Their combined efforts raised over $13,000 to support Chor Leoni – and did it in a most entertaining way.

As a first-time attendee said: “My first time at Chor Leoni Idol and wasn’t it wonderful!? The lions went for the gold and won it. The singing, the costumes, the judges and did I mention that someone from Cirque du Leoni performed? It was jaw dropping. The crowd was in high spirits which only serves to intensify the hi-jinks on stage. Thank you Lions and congratulations on a thoroughly splendid fund-raiser.”

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After a hard-fought final round, Keith Sinclair was crowned the 2016 Chor Leoni Idol. Congratulations, Keith!

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