Storms, the Adriatic, and Aquileia

We left the beautiful town of Tolmezzo, where I was able to climb up to the Picotta Tower during a thunder storm and a downpour. Because of the storm the view wasn’t the greatest, but I got drenched, and it felt wonderful because the heat throughout the tour has been unbearable. I’d love to return to these parts at some time, but never again in the summer.

On our way to Aquileia, we stopped in Grado for a couple of hours, where a group of about a dozen or so people from the choir and spouses went for a dip in the Adriatic. It was like having a warm salty bath. We had a great time.

Lions at AquileiaThen on to Aquileia. We toured and rehearsed in their amazing and historical Basilica and performed a concert there in the evening. If anyone is interested in its history, I’m sure that if you Google it you’ll find lots of information on it. The oldest part of the church dates back to early Christianity, the tile floor showing a lot of the early symbols. The organ that we used for the concert was a gift from Ferdinand of Sarajevo, who was murdered during World War I. What made it very poignant was that we were in Sarajevo and saw the very spot where he was killed. After the well received concert we were treated to a dinner by the local men’s choir (we’ve had a lot of late dinners!), and then on to Gorizia to our last stop before the airport. I’m looking forward to the festival and competition and the best accommodation of the tour.

I hope you are all enjoying following us, and we’ll see you all soon.

Edwin Friesen, bass

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