MYVoice gets some love from the Burnaby Now newspaper!

Besides her role with the Burnaby Now/New Westminster Record newspapers, Jule MacLellan is an avid choral singer (alto.) She interviewed Kevin about our new MYVoice programme.

Mobilizing male voices

Chor Leoni’s MYVoice program aims to introduce teenage boys to the world of choral singing

By Julie MacLellan, The Record October 13, 2010

Whatever you do, just don’t tell Kevin Zakresky that you can’t carry a tune in a bucket – or any other combination of words that might imply you can’t sing.
He’ll roll his eyes, sigh a little and pronounce to you the truth that he’s making it his mission to share with the world.
“Everybody can sing,” he’ll declare, in a tone that brooks no argument. And if you’re smart, you won’t argue. Because, let’s face it, Zakresky may just know a thing or two about the whole singing business.
He’s managed to pack a lot of musical experience into his 28 years of life, with master’s degrees in music from both Yale and UBC, and a doctorate nearly completed at Yale.

He has an extensive resum

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