Audience Reactions to Pacific Medley: Jack Hodgins & Chor Leoni

The reviews from our performance with Jack Hodgins at the Vancouver International Writers & Readers Festival are coming in – and they’re great! These audience comments were forwarded to us from Hal Wake, VIWRF’s General Manager:

“It was great. The Chor Leoni/Hodgins combination was incredible.”

“Wonderful…deeply moving. Loved both the choir and the readings.”

“Fabulous, very emotional.”

“A very soulful production in every respect – very inspiring. We need more
multi-media productions of this nature. The power of the music and written
words enlivens the human soul.”

“Jack Hodgins and Chor Leoni – what can I say? Fabulous. Wow!”

Jack Hodgins, authorAnd from Jack Hodgin’s himself:

“Please tell the men that I consider Sunday afternoon’s experience one of the great highlights of my recent life — putting it right up there with the Order of Canada ceremony in September (but more fun).”

If you attended Pacific Medley we would love to hear from you! Please post a comment here.

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