Congratulations, Bishop Greg!

Rev Dr Gregory MohrChor Leoni’s 2009/10 season is officially over once the choir exits the Bard stage after that final performance in June. That’s the signal for summer to officially begin, with choir members scattering to vacation spots, family BBQ’s, beaches, or to just find somewhere to chill out.

That said, how often does one of our own get ordained as bishop? Diane put out the call – a request, really – “Would CL be willing to sing for Greg’s service?” The answer was a resounding YES!, and on Monday, July 5, over 80% of our membership (and 3 very fine “non-singing” members of our board) trekked out to South Surrey to help celebrate the event. Yes, the lions do take care of their own!

We sang Chesnokov’s Spaseniye sodelal, the hymn Shall We Gather at the River, the beautiful Shaker tune, Not One Sparrow is Forgotten, and Alice Parker’s rousing Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal, as well as the usual service music. The evening was all the more special because our vocal coach, Lorraine Reinhardt, was also the cantor for the service, making it seem like a very “family” kind of celebration.

Bishop Greg and DianeBishop Susan Johnson’s sermon neatly tied life as a choral member to the life of a bishop. (She’s an alto, by the way.) Greg is a valued member of our baritone section, and CL audiences will also recognize him as one of our regular readers.

CL at the ordinationChor Leoni wishes the Reverend Dr. Gregory Mohr all the best as he assumes his new role as Bishop of the British Columbia Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. See you at rehearsals in September, Greg!

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